Developer Recreates Roman Pantheon in Virtual Reality

VRFocus - Indie developer and 3D artist Peter J Fisher has created a new virtual reality (VR) experience letting users tour The Pantheon in Rome, Italy. The experience, released on the official Oculus VR Share Beta, is available to download on both PC and Mac, with no word on a possible Linux version yet offered. The title is free to try and works with the Oculus Rift VR headset, allowing you to stand inside the ancient structure.

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Bathyj1660d ago

Nice, now make the playboy mansion

1660d ago
ElementX1660d ago

It's not related to gaming. It's a visual not gaming experience. Just like a digital tour of a zoo wouldn't be a game.

PsylentKiller1660d ago

It's not gaming related yet. Experiences like these with a VR headset are the building blocks of game design. It's the same as the first animated TV show or movie was a building block of modern day game design.