Xbox Originals: Is It Wise Picking A Fight With Netflix, When Microsoft Are Already On The Ropes?

Over the years, the developing relationship between film and video-games is enough to make even the most optimistic gamer sigh. This is usually caused by either the movie or game in question being made for the wrong reasons. Artistic integrity goes out the window as, primarily, these products are created for the sole purpose of generating additional income from said property and promoting visibility.

We all know this, which is probably why the majority of attempts have failed miserably, and it doesn’t matter which way around they have been attempted. They tried to turn Super Mario and Street Fighter into movies with infamous results and we can all name enough movie-tie in games to fill a bargain basket. So why on earth are Microsoft reportedly in early discussions to bring video-game classics, such Fable, Age of Empires, Forza, State of Decay and Gears of War into the brave new world of Original Programming?

Is this yet another misstep from Microsoft or are they genuinely onto...

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Mikefizzled1637d ago

To be called on the ropes is wildly unfair. Hell I'd be pushed to say Wii U is on the ropes.

lelo1637d ago

"When Microsoft Are Already On The Ropes"

LOL. Microsoft on the ropes ?

If Microsoft are on the ropes, then all other companies are on the crap.

Webbyy1637d ago

lol These guys do realize that Microsoft is a multibillion dollar company right?

Smh, i guess anything for clicks..

Webbyy1637d ago

@badz149 you seriously comparing Microsoft's worth with netflix? O_o

badz1491637d ago

I'm not. All I'm saying is, Netflix is also a multibillion dollar company. Not as huge as MS, sure, but every company has their own stronghold and so does Netflix in this.

Being multibillion alone doesn't guarantee success in anything you do. For example, MS's effort in Multimedia player market with the Zune, their Smartphone, their Tablet...are those a success yet?

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MasterD9191637d ago

This whole article is written from the view of a fanboy.

air11637d ago

Tell me about it! What does this person want ms to do stay on the "ropes"..

I just don't get why a lot of fanboys can't consider how well it's selling. The all or nothing mentality is really annoying..

vega2751637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Wouldn't Microsoft have to be in financial trouble to at least be considered on the ropes. I admit MS isn't doing great with the one. But saying they are on the ropes is a big exaggeration on the part of the author.

You can clearly tell this is for hits.

Thehyph1637d ago

"Picking a fight with Netflix"

More like: jumping in the same boat as Netflix and picking a fight with cable companies.

MysticStrummer1637d ago

They're all picking a fight with the networks.

wls10121637d ago

there's a lot of smart people at Microsoft,I'm sure they can make the magic happen.

MrSwankSinatra1637d ago

There's no such thing as magic, it's gonna take precision to get xbox originals to be a contender with netflix.

ElementX1637d ago

I haven't heard anything about Age of Empires, Forza, or State of Decay being turned into programs.

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The story is too old to be commented.