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Here's A Comparison Between The DualShock 4's Lightbar: Brightest To Lowest Settings

GearNuke: "We decided to compare the lowest lightbar settings to the highest and see how dim the light can get." (PS4)

Update Yosp clarified that Lightbar intensity has no effect on the battery. It will remain the same as it was never the cause of shorter battery life.


Azuske  +   387d ago
LOL that difference isn't enough to actually help the battery.
BitbyDeath  +   387d ago
It's an LED, it won't help the battery even if turned off. The dim option was for those complaining about the light reflecting off the TV.
Azuske  +   387d ago
Oh, mine doesn't reflect off the TV so I didn't even know this was an issue.
ZodTheRipper  +   387d ago
Me neither but at least a handful of people have nothing to complain anymore. I won't change the light, never had any problems with it.
BitbyDeath  +   387d ago
Same, probably just those that sit really close.
gatormatt80  +   387d ago
My newer LED TV has the shiny and reflective surface. I really only notice the lightbar reflection during dark scenes or when I game in the dark. My older Samsung LCD TV from 2007 has the nonreflective surface. I don't game on it though cause it's only 720p. The lightbar reflection wasn't a big enough issue for me to complain about but as a new feature and option I will gladly take it.
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Kidmyst  +   387d ago
I can see my lightbar reflect on my TV but only if I am actually looking at it. Once playing there is so much else to look at I don't notice it, some I think are just nit picky.
Christopher  +   387d ago
Yeah. I game on a monitor 3' away and oftentimes late at night when it's dark. The light is distracting. This will at least reduce the intensity.
zeee  +   387d ago
This is one problem that almost every PS gamer (who doesn't own 2 controller) faces. The battery life on DS4 is indeed terrible compared to DS3. In the future version of DS4, they should change the battery quality/size. Whatever it gets to give us at least 15-20 hours of uninterrupted gameplay.

I have turned off that little microphone and also turned off the vibration yet, I still have to recharge the damn controller every now and then. It's downright annoying!
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XisThatKid  +   386d ago
I'm SOOOOO glad I'm not affected by this both our TV's are wall mounts and I use a projector for my PS4 anyway.
DeathOfTheFanBoy  +   387d ago
The difference is very subtle.
EverydayGuy  +   387d ago
Shu told us about there is no difference already. Hopefully this will help with the glare issue some are experiencing.
cra2yey3z  +   387d ago
At first, you can barely tell the difference. After giving it a good look, the slight difference is there. Don't know how much battery life it will actually save tho...
ziggurcat  +   387d ago
considering that it had zero effect to begin with, it won't save any battery life.
Volkama  +   387d ago
Looking directly at the LED isn't really a great comparison. Looking at the reflected image off a glossy TV screen in a dark room, that's where the change will hopefully be more evident.
GeofferyPeterson  +   387d ago
What I don't understand is why they gave us the option to just dim the light, and not the option to completely turn it off.
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admiralvic  +   387d ago
Well, it could be because the bar indicates which controller it's (similar to how the DS3 has a small indicator) and which controller is on, so they wanted to keep people happy without causing confusion and so we ended up with this.

Beyond something like this, I haven't a clue.
nevin1  +   387d ago
Who would get confused by which player they are.

A quick press of the button also reveals what player they are on PS3.
Baka-akaB  +   387d ago
Still that's a lot of tiny uses being disabled by an off setting . Sure maybe they shouldnt have to begin with used only the light for those ... But it's still used in games , the way you differenciate pads without going into menus , the batterie's state display etc
Volkama  +   387d ago
They did say previously that they can't turn it off, they literally do not have "off" as a valid setting the controller can handle. They could only control the colour.

I would imagine a firmware update on the controller may resolve that, but there is probably no user friendly way to do that.
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ravinash  +   387d ago
make the colour black.
Melankolis  +   387d ago
Maybe (just maybe), DS4 active controller indicator is a part of a-fixed-design industry,

turning it off need hardware/software re-engineering or anything related to the law (patent, etc),

and (maybe) those are millions of dollars of money needed...

"Turning the lights off may not as easy as we think"
a_adji  +   387d ago
Errrrrrrrrr, what's the big fricken difference?
mogwaii  +   387d ago
Time for some 3rd party controllers, im getting sick of having to charge to charge the thing after every session
Fishy Fingers  +   387d ago
That's one lengthy session.

(Please, no "that's what she said")
GeofferyPeterson  +   387d ago
"I got Fishy Fingers." (That's what He said.)
IndoAssassin  +   387d ago
An Led diode is 2mA. The battery is 1000mAh. So it would.take 500 hours to drain the battery.
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mkis007  +   387d ago
Correct sir thank you for pointing this out.
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dantesparda  +   387d ago
Are you sure its 1000mAh?
IndoAssassin  +   386d ago
I read it on Neogaf when they were trying to figure out why the battery life was so bad.

I have a feeling it's due to the TouchPad and a firmware problem with it constantly sending audio cues for the speaker and the earphone plug even when it's not plugged in that's causing the shitty battery life. But that's just me speculating.
ironfist92  +   387d ago
How many hours does the battery last till it needs a recharge?
mkis007  +   387d ago
About 8-10 hours....though i usually just play with my cable plugged in unless im in bed...I bought a usb extender.
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ironfist92  +   387d ago
Thats not too bad.
Ripsta7th  +   387d ago
I can see the difference from dim to bright but the middle options not really . still good update but not many features as I kept seeing.. Anyone know if we can play music yet?? From USB and stuff? Thanks in advance as I have 1 bubble lol
cra2yey3z  +   387d ago
That was funny for some reason having 1 bubble lol
dontbhatin  +   386d ago
There has been photographic proof of multiple people including Shu himself using an music app demo on their ps4's. we thought it would have been available in this new update but it looks like its not here yet.

Since this update made it possible to insert your own music from a usb drive to add into videos you edit in the share factory app, I don't see why it isn't possible to just put the app out into the store for people to download. That would probably be a hassle for people who don't really pay attention to the gaming news like all of us do. So its probably just gonna be in the next update.
beepbopadoobop  +   387d ago
As much as I adore my PS4 the controller battery life is a tad annoying, I can live with it but it does go down allot quicker than id like.

However a top tip for those of us who sit too far from the PS4 to connect the controller for charging while playing. I use my phone charger which fits the ps4's micro usb, plugs into the wall next to where I sit and dont have to worry about a flat battery anymore :)
mo241  +   387d ago
the led doesn't make a lot of change it's the damn refelection which is annoying.
beepbopadoobop  +   387d ago
Yeah I know the light has not much to do with it, but I was just mentioning the charge in general. I actually dont mind the light at all, its come in handy a few times as a mini torch when playing in the dark haha
dontbhatin  +   386d ago
He didn't even say anything about the LED... lol
TimeSkipLuffy  +   387d ago
Why can't we just turn it off again???
mo241  +   387d ago
because players are so stupid, they can't distuingish which controller belongs to them or they can't find the option in the menu to turn it back on.... NOT
TimeSkipLuffy  +   387d ago
Did SONY say gamers are stupid or are you just implying that? <__<
mo241  +   387d ago
it was sarcasm
dontbhatin  +   386d ago
Yeah that comment screamed sarcasm. I dont get how you missed it.
johny5  +   387d ago
So basically the DS4 needs a bigger Li-Ion battery?
Hopefully they release a version 2 with better battery life!
TimeSkipLuffy  +   387d ago
+ better quality material overall, especially the thumb sticks
isarai  +   387d ago
well they already have, ones manufactured later have a much higher quality in the materials used. Noticed it when i brought my DS$ to my friends house so we could play some trials together. He got a launch model(day 1) and it feels very light and the rubber feels like it has detached from the plastic(there's like an air bubble under the rubber) and there's constantly rubber rubbing off on my hands, while my DS4 (i got mine in Feb this year)feels much heavier and the rubber still feels like it did day 1
mo241  +   387d ago
wow this made me more mad then how it first was. This is a complete slap in the face. Don't be so naive sony with this bullshit every night session this is reflected by the tv. If we forget which controller belongs to which player we just turn it on again not ffing hard. What about the people with different controller colors like me or people with just one controller?

edit: I was darn happy the ps 4 power button and eject button had no light like the ps 3 and xbox 360 controller , because the little kid around always used to push the colored buttons. And the ps 4 he touches the top lol, but now every time he wants to take the controller which is in my hands because of the damn light. everybody got his own reasons for this so it's alway nice to have an option.
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hellzsupernova  +   387d ago
Buy a toasty sticker or some black tape stop complaining and move on with your life
mo241  +   387d ago
well If you say so. No this is still not an option this is just one thing over the other, but hey it is sony right I am not allowed to complain.
dontbhatin  +   386d ago
Go back to school please. My eyes are bleeding after reading that post...
WitWolfy  +   387d ago
Its official I'm gonna take some black Vinyl and just apply over that darn thing.
finito82  +   387d ago
pretty cool i guess not a big deal of a feature i think
Buzz7S  +   387d ago
How about addressing this issue?


I think that is more of a worry than a lightbar.
WeAreLegion  +   387d ago
They did. Only a couple of months after launch, Sony released controllers into stores with better rubber around the analog sticks. They did it silently, but they're much better now.
No_Limit  +   387d ago
Disappointed, I was really hoping that the light was the cause of the short battery issue. 4-5 hours per change is just really bad and I constantly have to use a usb cable to keep playing during the middle of a game. Hope a larger battery version is on the horizon.
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djplonker  +   387d ago
4-5 hours is still better than disposable batterys though!
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dontbhatin  +   386d ago
I would prefer disposables than 4-5 hours on a internal battery, but I understand the point you are trying to get across. :)

And my DS4 lasts a good 10 hours on average so I'm happy. I like to be tidy with my gaming area so when I'm done playing I plug the controller in right away.
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twdll  +   387d ago
SONY.... LISTEN UP... I'd buy another controller if it had a better battery. Again (like the ui) this is another instance where the PS3 is superior. My DO lasts for several days. Get with the program.
R_aVe_N  +   387d ago
Sorry to disappoint you, but Sony is not listening to you here... This is N4G not the Playstation Blog...
twdll  +   387d ago
Maybe, maybe not. Well see. I'd hope that someone high up is listening.
RiPPn  +   387d ago
Though the images don't show it, the difference is quite a bit when playing in a dark room, really like the dim option.
ForgottenProphecy  +   387d ago
I think it's hilarious that this doesn't effect battery life. It's pretty much the only reason people hated the light (some have the glare in the TV, but they're in the minority from what I see on N4G)
The battery life isn't an issue for me. I just pop my controller on a charger whenever I'm not using it.
Baka-akaB  +   387d ago
OF few of us told you you'd be dissapointed by the effect of the LED on the batterie
Mikethejew  +   387d ago
"UpdateYosp clarified that Lightbar intensity has no effect on the battery. It will remain the same as it was never the cause of shorter battery life. "

This makes sense, I always wondered why everyone thought turning it off would save battery life, LEDs are very energy efficient. I guess we'll have to wait for the upgraded dualshock that comes with a bigger battery.
heisenberguk  +   387d ago
Dimming's pointless! We need the option to turn it off!!
Farsendor1  +   387d ago
seriously didnt know so many people had an issue with the light bar.

im ok with it, doesnt reflect on my tv.
Predaking77  +   387d ago
I never had any problems with the current light bar setting and as for the battery, I have 2 DS4, when one Is out of battery the other is ready at full battery.
redcar121  +   387d ago
I want to turn it off how hard is that sony
SPARTAN3  +   387d ago
Could we get some different colors and a bigger battery? Its like having a wired controller for my ps4 that thing dies so fast.
iagainsti120  +   386d ago
If anyone thinks that N4g is bad they need to read the comments under the article. Man the troll is strong with them.

me - Wow it like here times 2356.
Other person - My God, that's... I don't even know what that is!
Me - Nobody does!

Edit - Opps was looking at this http://gearnuke.com/xbox-ha... but still holy schnitzel

Ok so I looked at afew other pages on this site I think I will never click on a link for Gearnuke again.
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static360  +   386d ago
thats cool but hardly a noticeable difference

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