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Lawboy21687d ago

already downloaded...using remote play as we speak

TimeSkipLuffy1687d ago

nice! Exactly what I needed for the Vita :D

jhunbogs1687d ago

nice update, but i dont have a ps4 yet hehehe

Neonridr1687d ago

Does this work while the PS4 is in standby mode? I don't generally leave my PS4 on when I am not using it. Right now when I use the Remote play feature it has to turn my PS4 on, then connect to the console. Does this update change anything like that?

If I am upstairs playing my PS4, great that my Vita will automatically connect to it, but that's not exactly super useful unless I really wanted to use some second screen features on my Vita.

Mikey322301687d ago

no. This update just means that when instead of having to enter the pairing code to set up remote play between ps4 and psvita. it will automatically connect them.

Neonridr1686d ago

oh, well I only ever had to enter the pairing code once. Now it automatically connects when I click on the PS4 Link -> Remote Play feature.

Mikey322301686d ago

I know.. seemingly pointless update.