May 2014 video game releases

This article covers the May 2014 video game and DLC releases. From release dates, prices, trailers, game info and platforms - everything you need to know.

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Sillicur1687d ago

ohhh cant wait for Watch Dogs!!!

HoldenZA1687d ago

Watch Dogs does look like a winner for May!

HanCilliers1687d ago

I really hope we get to see something unique from WD

HanCilliers1687d ago

Transistor is also gonna be something really special - if it follows in the footsteps of Bastion

jreeves821687d ago

No mention of Mario Kart 8 on may 30th.

HanCilliers1687d ago

Thanks dude, article adjusted to include the Mario ;)

DesVader1687d ago

I'm kind of looking forward to the Wolfenstein release...its just a nostalgia thing but I agree - Watchdogs looks really good!

HanCilliers1687d ago

Totally with you! We've been waiting very long. Which Wolfenstein was your favorite?

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