Resident Evil 7 To Introduce Alice From The Movies Into The Game?

A new chapter in the Resident Evil franchise has just been confirmed. Come E3 2014, Resident Evil 7 release date will finally be announced! But what will be the plot of the new RE game? If rumors are true, then we will see the glorious return of Albert Wesker and the game reveal of Alice from the movies!

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Hellsvacancy1687d ago

I would laugh so hard, Crapcom strikes again

I don't want crappy Resident Evil games/films I just expect them, kinda like Uwe Boll movies, you just KNOW they're going to be complete CRAP so don't waste your time

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Talidan1687d ago

Rampage was decent, as was Assault on Wallstreet.

His video game movies are always expected to be crap, though. Except Postal, in my opinion or... at least the crappyness was appropriate.

Lord_Sloth1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Agreed. I love RE and even bought ORC and 6 because I just wanted to play another RE but if they include Alice I will never purchase as RE title again.

Though the article only says the Mercs mode.

papashango1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Rampage got a lot of good reception. I liked it even. I expect we're gonna start seeing some more movies similar from him. He finally discovered his niche.

Capcom unfortunately completely has no clue where it wants to go with RE.

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MehmetAlperTR1687d ago

I really really really starting to hate from cRapCom. They screwed entire Resident Evil series. And by the way it is out of the subject but where is Onimusha ? We haven't seen it in the last gen. And there s no news about next gen. They only make SF IV turbo mega arcade ultra editions. Aaaanddd that SF X Tekken crap. Uhm whatever. The Evil Within Rules, Shinji Mikami rules.

MaximusMagna1687d ago

Look at the bright side, no Onimusha no ruining of the franchise.

esemce1687d ago

Yep, you want the old resi vibe go with Mikami. Crapcom have lost it.

turkish411687d ago

haklısın kardes nerde o playstationdaki resident oyunları (1-3) nerde bu oyunlar içine ettiler güzelim serinin

Dirtnapstor1687d ago

Read the article.... Alice would be in merc mode, that's it, not a game built around the Alice character from the movies. Capcom wouldn't be that foolish. Learn to read people.

HarryMasonHerpderp1687d ago

You're correct.
Still nobody asked for this and nobody wants Alice the sh** character from the sh** movies in their Resident Evil games. I mean why do this? when will they listen to fans and what the fans want. The people that made Capcom one of the biggest publishers in the market? so frustrating >_<

ZombieGamerMan1686d ago

have you played Re6? The are that foolish.

cfc781687d ago

Resident Evil 6.5 here we go again,im with you i hope it's fake but i doubt it.

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Number-Nine1686d ago

And here I thought the series couldn't get any more worse.

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NovusTerminus1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Wesker does not need to return.

And as someone who liked RE6, if Alice is in this game, I REFUSE to purchase it at all, and will not even watch the gameplay.

Those movies have done a bigger disservice to the franchise then RE5, ORC and 6 combined.

Austin481687d ago

Oh please no dont put alice in this game it will ruin it forever

rodiabloalmeida1687d ago

It IS already ruined for quite sometime, in case you didn't notice.

ritsuka6661687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I completely agree with you. Resident is dead to me.

NegativeCreep4271687d ago

No it won't, because she will only be featured in the Mercenaries mode. Geez does anybody click the story and actually freaking read anymore?

Applejack1687d ago

C'mon now negative, that's asking for way too much. We're only suppose to read the headlines! /s

KinjoTakemura1687d ago

Why even have mercenaries in a survival horror game? :(

Austin481687d ago

Didint you read my comment I said dont put her in the game at all not just the story and you talk about people not reading the article lol.

sam_job1687d ago

one of the weird rumor of 2014

MrSwankSinatra1687d ago

After Resident Evil 6 i didn't think it could get any worse, i guess crapcom is trying to set a world record.

ritsuka6661687d ago

Resident Evil: once she was proud and healthy, but now she’s starting to rot, and the smell is putrid.

kayoss1687d ago

not setting a world record. They are trying to bankrupt themself.

DeadlyFire1687d ago

Don't worry if the bar goes to low. Someone will gobble up Capcom or their IPs for a decent price. Resident Evil is not likely to die even with pure crap, but it could bomb and hurt Capcom. They are doing their own thing and ignoring fans.