Goldeneye 007's First Mission Recreated In Far Cry 3

DSOGaming writes: "So, today we bring you a video that shows Goldeneye 64's first mission being recreated in Dunia engine (via Far Cry 3's level editor). Modder 'William Kjellgren' promised to recreate the second mission if this video goes viral, so if you are interested in such a thing, make sure to share it with your friends."

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Austin481689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

That looks really good I just wish Activision would give it a proper remake.

Austin481689d ago

My bad but who owns it now?

RadeonXRay1689d ago


Nobody owns the rights to the Bond-games atm., they are currently resting with the film's owners.

The big issue with Goldeneye is that it's kinda like a licens within a licens. If I remember correctly, in order for a proper HD remake of the original true 007 GoldenEye game that was done by Rare, one would have to get not only the Bond licens, but also approval from the following parties:
Nintendo, because they published and funded the game.
Rare, because they made the Game as a 'second party studio' under Nintendo, yet Rare has the rights to things such as map layouts and designs (Hence why GoldenEye Reloaded didn't just 'Copy Paste' the games layout).

I remember reading that Rare indeed does have a HD-remake of Goldeneye for xbox Live just sitting on the studios harddrives and that their parent company (Microsoft) got an 'ok' from the then Bond-licens holder (Activision) to publish the game. But when Microsoft approched Nintendo to get their blessing, Nintendo demanded that they would also get a Wii-version and that it could not be inferior to the xbox 360 version (the online functionality was a huge reason for them to say no apparently).

I just played a 4-player splitscreen game at a friends house on the N64 and although I have fund memories of the game and all the countless hours spent with it, the thing that struck me was just how poor the framrate gets, even when nothing really is happening on screen. Hopefully we'll see that true HD-remake some day, but untill then, we'll have to stick to our memories.

Bathyj1689d ago

Very nice, but it's not the way I remember playing it. Less bangy bangy, more snipey snipey.

Hellsvacancy1689d ago

Awesome, loved the music, took me waaaaaay back, I do remember having to use less bullets to kill the enemies though

chinlu1689d ago

That was amazing lol jesus christ the memories....

mkis0071689d ago

Ms paying Nintendo for their rights would instantly make all past grievances forgiven...Seriously MS "has the deep pockets" or so I hear, what is stopping them...would be bigger than titanfall. Nintendo could use the infusion of cash too right about now.

Skate-AK1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Nintendo doesn't own Goldeneye or James Bond. It was just a license. Nintendo doesn't need any money. Even with the Wii U bombing they are still very financially stable. Nobody has the license at the moment. I can see EA getting it and making a multiplatform game.

mkis0071689d ago

Nintendo owns the rights for the version of goldeneye that was made because they funded it...rare owns the maps and stuff( as someone on this thread said). Any other game Ea could make would not have the same maps and stuff.

In order to make an HD version one would need 3 parties permission: 1. The movie studio 2. Nintendo 3. Rare

Skate-AK1688d ago

If that is the case then how come the Activision Goldeneye for Wii,PS3 and 360 have the "Dam" level and other levels like the original? They could make the maps similar but call it "re-imagined" just like Activison did. If they could get away with it I am sure EA could. No permission needed. Just the license. I am sure Activison didn't ask Rare or Nintendo before they started.

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