New Project Morpheus Title Announced

The team have announced a plethora of new platforms, including PS3, Wii U, PS4 and Playstation Vita, all due for release later this year. How this will work on the small screen is anyone’s guess.

When Expansive first looked at the game, the team described it as ‘Mirror’s Edge meets Mass Effect’ and that’s precisely what we have here, but with a twist. There are also Werewolves in this here version of space. And none of the pansy Jacob from Twilight lark, either.

Also, unlike Mirror’s Edge, rather than a female protagonist, players will be assuming the role of a male prisoner who must use movements and techniques inspired by parkour and mixed martial arts. To survive, you’ll have to use evasive manoeuvres and a dynamic targeting system that focuses on knee-jerk and reflex actions.

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xKugo1687d ago

Sounds nice...
The bit about the dimensions of the ship are absolutely ludicrous to think about, lol

medman1686d ago

Yeah, it seems like it could be interesting.

Tripl3seis1687d ago

more ps4 games keep them coming sony im loving it!!!

wonderfulmonkeyman1686d ago

It's also for other systems, thankfully.

aLiEnViSiToR1686d ago

Mirror's Edge meets Mass Effect O_O i'm in 100% :D