H1Z1 First Non-Developer Gameplay Footage

Attack Gaming were one of the first ever non-developers at SOE to play H1Z1, this is the footage that they took today at SOE's studio in San Diego.

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CaptainCamper1571d ago

I wish they would have waited until there was a bit more polish to be honest. I realize it's early days and a lot of the game will be much further along, I just felt a little underwhelmed :D

tdogg060519911571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

In there with you but I don't know what kind of phase it is in but it is playable. Being that it will eventually be free to play and they continuously make things better I think this will do. it will let the community shape it in the way minecraft was. My only hope is that everyone doesn't just hate it out of the gate and give no support because it doesn't have that polish.

JustPlay41571d ago

It does look interesting, like it try but not sure i want pay, have wait till i see little more or ask some friends after early access starts in may.

wtopez1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

This is coming to PC? I thought it was PS4 exclusive.

acemonkey1571d ago

Pc in 4-6 weeks and then later on PS4

starchild1571d ago

It's coming to PC first and then PS4 down the line.

its_JEFF1571d ago

It's actually coming to PC's first. Which I thought was weird cause it's being made by SOE... but not launching on PS4 first. But then I remembered Planetside which was also made by SOE and is currently only on PC.

MysticStrummer1571d ago

Same with Everquest. PC first. Glad they're bringing this stuff to PS4 though.

Now if they'd just bring back The Agency...

its_JEFF1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

@MysticStrummer I hope they bring it to PS4 SOON! I've only recently gotten into MMO's and I can kinda see the appeal.

itBourne1571d ago

PC and then PS4 at some point in the future. I am sure not to far off, then again SoE still hasnt ported Planet Side 2 over yet lol, so who knows.

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mafiahajeri1571d ago

Looking good love that there is wolves and dear in the game. Having pets seems interesting also.

NazKidA1571d ago

I dunno.. I just don't seem very impressed by what I have been shown lately with this game. The idea is cool but, like someone has pointed out in the comments.. it does feel quite underwhelming.

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