The The Amazing Spider-man 2 PC Crash Fixes, Not Starting, Lagging, Pre-load, Controller Issue

Crash Wiki presents a guide to help deal with any The Amazing Spider-man 2 PC crash bugs and fixes and save you from disruptive game-play.

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kiz26941664d ago

People are reporting about a frame cap to 30FPS when using Vsync, but Im using vsync and it runs around 30-60FPS ...strange.

christrules00411661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

I got a 4gb GTX 760 and it runs anywhere from 40fps when on swinging around high buildings and moving quickly. When I'm not it stays right at 60fps though. What's even worse is the sad truth is the game looks mediocre. The only good detailed thing in the city that looks detailed is Spider Mans different suits.