Major PS4 System Update Out Tomorrow, Updates for PS Vita and PS App

PS Blog - At PlayStation, we love hearing the great feedback we get from our passionate community of gamers. That’s why I’m excited to announce that our highly-anticipated system software update for PlayStation 4 (v1.70) will be released tomorrow, with a huge number of your demanded features, and expanding upon what we believe is the most socially connected console experience. One feature that I’m most excited about is SHAREfactory, our new rich video editing app. In addition, we’re launching updates for PlayStation Vita (v3.15) and PlayStation App (v1.70) that will deliver greater integration with your PS4 system.

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DoomeDx1688d ago

I really hope we can see friend login notifications now. I miss seeing when my friends are logging in to their playstation systems

Nitrowolf21688d ago

It didn't say in the blog post, which I think is weird if they were going to include. As in it's a bigger feature than what they are adding to friends with this update. Fingers crossed though

Maddens Raiders1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Woohoo...I hope it's a good one!

zeee1688d ago

Friends status notifications. Resume and pause downloads and game organization would be awesome. I'm glad that we can now already dim the ds4 lightbar.

Mikey322301688d ago

I cant believe a year later, Suspend/Resume feature still isnt available, even though it was a feature announced when the PS4 was first revealed.

Good that these changes made it in. I'm happy to see that we can use the touchpad with the onscreen keyboard now.

DoomeDx1688d ago

A year later? More like..6 months :p

Kingthrash3601688d ago

under a rock, you've been.
out of ass, you speak.
uninformed, you are.
stfu with the bs, you must.

says master yoda.

Protip:...i'm watching the empire strikes back right now..mabad.....i've been talking to my girl in yoda talk all day...a sandwich, you make. bring toilet paper, you must..and so on. lol smh.

WeAreLegion1688d ago

He's actually right. That feature was announced February 2013.

spoonard1688d ago Show
TheGreatAndPowerful1688d ago

@spoonard that's not good for your PS4.

colonel1791688d ago

" I cant believe a year later, Suspend/Resume feature still isnt available, even though it was a feature announced when the PS4 was first revealed."

Dude, they can't even add features that were already in the PS3. They will take much more time. Although probably they will add a lot of features until 2.0

kingdom181688d ago

I really wish this was added back. Wasn't it useable at the beginning? I think I remember using it, but it would crash the system a lot, I'm assuming that's why they removed it.

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Palitera1688d ago

I hope we can pause downloads and sort/organize our content.

cyclindk1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Indeed, very surprised when THIS minor (minor in terms of implementation) wasn't included at launch!

Like a VCR or DVD player shipping without pause, rewind, fast forward buttons... so weird. I mean... you sorta can pause stuff by disconnecting from the internet and then it resumes, but I swear, just last night I kept disconnecting from BF4 for some odd reason and when I gave up and went to home screen I noticed a CoD update downloading in the background... was it trying to download WHILE I WAS PLAYING?!

Fine, I WANT that feature, but only if I have an option to PAUSE them!

JoGam1688d ago

Still no video chat. smh.

Cha0tik1688d ago

It's a game console not a media center. The sole purpose of the Playstation 4 is a Social Game Game console. Get a computer or an Xbox if you want video chat.

JoGam1688d ago

Azuske....Honestly and respectfully, that was by far the DUMBEST thing you every said. You said the purpose of the PlayStation is a "Social Game console". WTF do you think video chat is? ITS SOCIAL! The PS3 was social in that way. I want to be able to connect with my friends like the PS3 did through Video Chat. OMG, Please tell me you were joking?

Cha0tik1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Actually no, playing a game while video chatting would require memory from the CPU meaning it could hinder performance and it would be a distraction while gaming. So no, it makes since. Social gaming would be... Twitch Streaming or Ustream if your into that page... voice chatting... and sharing video clips. Video Chatting doesn't fall into social gaming. Yes, it's social but doesn't fall under social gaming. The PS3 didn't do it while playing games for memory reasons only but the PS4 doesn't do it for the reasons above. They stripped the feature for a reason. In order to use this feature on the PS3 you couldn't play any games and I don't even think you could use any apps while using video chat.

Don't use the Xbox One as an example because there is a reason why performance is lacking. If they stripped some of the media center features and focused on the hardware a bit more it could have honestly done just as well as the PS4 or better because the community was already there.

I see people use Skype on PC while gaming but simply for streaming reasons or for voice chat in games like LOL but nobody actually pays attention to another face while playing a video game. It's distracting.

G20WLY1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Or you could both chill out and Skype for free on your Vitas? ;^)

SegaSaturn6691688d ago

Why video chat when you could be playing resogun or mercenary kings? Jogam, you dont have time to video chat. Especially if you're a man. Men have better things to do than chat.

JoGam1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

@ Azuske....I never said Video Chat while playing a game dude. But what I did say was Video Chat like the PS3 did which was not capable while playing a game.

I have friend who I Video Chat with from time to time on my PS3 and we all upgraded to PS4 however thats when we lost the capability. I see video Chat just like broadcasting through playroom except its more private and you can see both parties.

MetaReapre1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

I would have to agree with azuske on this, while it would be a nice addition to the console it's not something to smh about. I honestly feel there are a lot more things they could focus on more important than that. I don't think it shouldn't be there but I do think it's not very important.

Edit: whenever I feel the need for a video chat with a friend I use my laptop anyway. Much more easier.

Cha0tik1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

@JoGam then that goes back to my point... why use the PS4 for it? I just think there are better features and priorities than features that not many want nor will utilize.

In other words, why add a feature that will do no good for social gaming?

I'm sure video chatting will come but once the more prioritized and requested features are knocked out.

JoGam1688d ago

Azuske ...... Cmon dude, that's not what you said. Go back and re-read your first response to my comment. You told me Playstation is for social gaming but if I wanted to video chat I should buy a Xbox one. Don't flip ur story now.

Cha0tik1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )


I never said they'd never add it. I said it isn't there for a reason. There is no place for it now. I'm sure just like MP3 playback and all the other things that it can do without... it will be added. I simply don't think that it needs it at all. I didn't flip anything. It isn't a media center and that is one of the reasons it isn't there now

Edit: and I still think you should buy an Xbox or a computer if you want video chat. It's better utilized that way.

Edit 2: I'm well informed... What is the motto for the PS4? 4thegamers... GAMERS! It's made for gaming and anything that has to do with gaming.

Xbox and PC are multi purpose machines... You can do most of the things you named but a gaming PC costs more money.

JoGam1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Metareapre what you said makes no sense. You said when you video chat you use a laptop. Implying I should do the same. Lol. If that's your solution why not also do ur gaming on ur laptop? Why not broadcast ur games from ur laptop? Why not take screen shots from ur laptop? Because you rather do it on ur Playstation. Also what if I rather use my Playstation for video chat? One device. Smh. I swear you guys sound uninformed. You guys act like I want my PS4 to make toast or something.

MetaReapre1685d ago

Actually yes I do game take screen shots and all else on my gaming Alienware laptop. But I also game on a gaming desktop too. Usually I am playing games when on video calls and what not so I'm usually on my ps4 or desktop while using the laptop to do the call.

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Aceman181688d ago

I'm confused when I'm on I get the notification that one of my friends logged in.

Are we talking when playing a game?

nunley331688d ago

I saw earlier this was gonna fix notifications for the ps4 and hopefully they won't appear offline to ps3 users.

XisThatKid1688d ago

Yea you'll want this untill it happens....seeing potentially 2000 people signing on and off prolly can get annoying. The option would be nice maybe though.

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barb_wire1688d ago

Another one for the Vita already? I guess it's in preparation for Borderlands 2.

Mikey322301688d ago

No, It just improves the remote play feature with PS4.

I believe it also enables remote play with the PS4 for PSVitaTV.

OrangePowerz1688d ago

It os supposed to add the remote play for Vita TV yes. I was looking forward to that for a while now since that's the main reason why I got the Vita TV.

Everlastingfate1688d ago

Hesitant to update right away considering some of the past updates on PS3 and Vita. Both of them had immediate "wait to update" warnings in the last couple years and we're followed quickly by updates with several digits after the decimal point.

But glad to see progress none the less.

trancefreak1688d ago

Ya sure like the 2.40 update that never affected my ps3 Phatty.

I am sure there will be posts all over this site if one persons ps4 gets bricked by the update while being struck by Lightning during a thunder storm..

Back on topic i am quite excited for this editing tool and sure there will be a lot of cool shares out there. Can't wait to mix up my KZ MP clips.

Everlastingfate1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Oh gee, look who was right once again. After numerous reports of bugs and glitches, another update is on its way.

It's a blessing and a curse being right all the time. So that makes 23 less than intelligent people who disagreed all wrong.

Everlastingfate1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Right again. Keep disagreeing sheep.

trancefreak1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Your wasting your time I will never click your links or have a debate with a fanatic Social Freak. I am always right.

Meanwhile No PS4s' were harmed in this update now move along.

Now about that RROD....

Damn one click of your profile says it all. I hope you get paid 4 your efforts.

Everlastingfate1683d ago


You can tell a lot about the intelligence of someone based on their grasp of the English language.

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Speak_da_Truth1688d ago

Sweet can't wait for all those features it's good to be a playstation fan

marioJP871688d ago

Better to be on both sides, like me. A win win.

insomnium21688d ago

Nah. Judging by the actions MS tried to take with us gamers you (and all of us) actually lose on that side of the fence. Lose in short term and get demolished in the long run. A monopoly by MS would mean the end of gaming.

marioJP871688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Im not losing anything. Im gettimg exclusives on both sides and is offered a choice and differences. You're only getting one choice with one console. If I have the weaker console, i also have the stronger console. If im getting 900P, I'm also getting 1080P. If I'm not getting free games on xbox live, I'm getting free games on PSN with PS plus. As I said, a win win for me to be on both sides. I don't have to worry about not getting a particular game because it's on another console. You lose out with one choice.

jnemesh1687d ago

Not really. A "win" for MS is forcing devs to sign "parity clauses" that gimp the game on competing consoles to keep it at the same level as their underpowered console. A "win" for MS is to buy exclusivity. A "win" for MS is to pay for timed exclusives.

We don't really need (or want) that kind of "competition".

marioJP871687d ago

When you have both consoles, you don't have to worry about not being able to play an exclusive. You're with both ecosystems. You're in favor of both. PS4 won't get everything X1 will get. That's why it's a win to have both. Most people who are tied into one console won't agree. But this is coming from someone who has both, including Wii U. I won't be able to play the next Uncharted on my X1 but I will on my PS4. I won't be able to play the next gears of war on my PS4, but I will on my X1. I won't be able to watch my son play the upcoming Mario Kart 8 on my PS4 and X1 but I'll be able to watch him play it on his Wii U. You catch my drift? Multi console owners win because they're #TeamPS4, #TeamX1 and #TeamWiiU. Let the fanboys keep their exclusive console.

insomnium21686d ago


You have a kid and you have time for all 3 consoles? Who takes care of the kid?

There are so many games on Sony's platform there's no need for other consoles for me. Don't have the time or the money to invest. Hell I've been playing Dark Souls 1 for WEEKS even months and I've gotten about 55-60 hours of game time in.

At my pace it takes months to complete some games and with 3 kids running around my house and a wife there is no way I have the money for all consoles. I don't even have the money for PS4.

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Outsider-G1688d ago

Great update. I'll be getting my first Vita next week along with Borderlands 2.