HonestGamers Review // Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse

Gary Hartley Writes: For years now, as a series, it’s been pulling the nails back out of the adventure genre’s coffin, even when it misfired with titles like #4. The Serpent’s Curse is a successful rolling reboot in that it has taken on so much of what made the previous titles special, but is trying not to allow itself to be anchored to the past. It’s still a story-rich brain teaser, but now it has new layer of accessibility that the hardcore faithful are able to turn off and ignore. Even though it’s the newest title, it doesn’t have all those negative modern touches that ganged up to bully the last two releases; no awkward 3D controls, no dumbing down for obvious console ports, no clumsy block puzzles and no insulting 30 second ending. It’s as strong and charming and wonderfully offbeat as any of its predecessors, a comfortable familiarity born of something both unique and sentimental. I’m a fan – can you tell?

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