5 Things That Nintendo Should Do For E3 2014

On April 29th, 2014, Nintendo announced today that they will not have a press conference at E3, but instead will have a “virtual experience” for people and have playable demos of ‘Super Smash Bros’ at Best Buy’s during the conference. That’s all well and great, but there are certain events that I think need to happen.

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viccrack1661d ago

oh yes loved the 4th lol .. i am not much of a nintendo fan though when i was a kid it was all about sega genesis .. i still own the console though i am 27 lol ...

Summons751661d ago

Doing two directs one for WiiU and one for 3ds did well last year so I'd think they should do that again. Having Smash Bro playable at Best Buy is awesome! NIntendo always has something up their sleeve and know when to play their cards. My guesses for E3 for unannounced games are a Mario game akin to 64/sunshine/galaxy. Sunshine HD. Either a Starfox game or Metroid teased and the new Miyamoto IP they've kept in the dark for so long now.

Can't wait to see what they pull out for E3.

wonderfulmonkeyman1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

I want them to start increasing advertisement efforts, via a new campaign focused on hyping up the Wii U, using things that would make a core gamer excited about the system.

A good tag line would help, in combination with some actions shots from some high-intensity core-focused games like Bayonetta 2.
Something like "Come Get U Some!"

bobacdigital1661d ago

They should start phasing out the Wii in the Wii U... Call it the Nintendo U from now on and create some separation in the minds of consumers.

bobacdigital1661d ago

Sales wise im not sure it would help it recover to be honest.. but to create a bit more differentiation it might help quite a bit... I think over time with enough punch behind it people would connect the dots.... I doubt they would do it but just a thought..

diesoft1661d ago

Stop lagging behind the technology curve! Seriously, when you guys were the leaders, you were the best there was for consoles! You couldn't pull me away from my snes back in the day. Now, you guys seem content with not being a leader anymore and just grabbing for the casual dollar. Be the superstar we remember you guys being, not the rut you seem to be ok with.