Luigi Wii Remote Plus Nintendo Land Bundle For $39.99

Still interested in getting your hands on one of those stylish Luigi Wii Remote Plus controllers? Retailer Newegg is offering the Luigi Wii Remote Plus Nintendo Land bundle for $39.99 — a $20 savings.

Considering the suggested retail price for the controller alone is $39.99, the retail version of the Nintendo Land game is essentially being included for free. On top of that, free shipping is included.

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DialgaMarine1689d ago

I love how it has a big picture of a Gamepad on the cover to fool people into thinking it comes with one. Oh Nintendo, you sly deceitful devils. Even they know they're consumer base is a bunch of morons. XD

BoneBone1688d ago

Because that's always been the cover art for the game, you fool.

Noob alert.

BoneBone1688d ago

Extra salt on the trolls today... look at them squirm in the wake of the amazing MK8 news.

Let's just point and laugh at them.