Retrospective Review: The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition (360) - Pixel Gate

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''With most peoples attention on the new generation of systems, it’s easy to forgot some of decent games available on the 360 and PS3. The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition remains as one of the most overlooked titles on the 360. A fantastic port of the PC classic, The Witcher 2 is still worth picking up today, even more so with the Witcher 3′s delay into early 2014. But just how good is the 360 version of The Witcher 2?

The dark and brutal tale of The Witcher 2 had PC gamers stunned and in awe of what they had just experienced. The Witcher 2 was the definitive story driven role playing game of last year, now its time for The Witcher 2 to launch its assault on consoles. Does this fantasy tale of revenge mange to carry over to the home consoles, or is the quality lost in translation?''

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TedCruzsTaint1687d ago

Best western RPG on console. Hell, possibly best western RPG. Period.
Still feel that Planescape holds as my personal favorite, however.

Gamer-401686d ago

The best game on X360 for me.

Jonny5isalive1686d ago

I played this game on 360 and it was amazing. one of my favorite series now and the witcher 3 is the game im most excited for.