MLB 14 The Show 'Anthem' Trailer Features Danny McBride Talking up Baseball

Hardcore Gamer: Baseball is pretty great, but is it the best sport? That's what Kenny Powers -- er, Danny McBride -- is setting out to prove in the latest MLB 14 trailer.

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GarrusVakarian1575d ago

Haha, Danny McBride is hilarious. He was so funny on the 'Blaine county radio' channel in GTA5 too.

Bathyj1575d ago

I often went to Blaine county just to drive around and listen to the radio.

showtimefolks1575d ago

lol this advertisement makes me want to go out and play actual baseball but its too hot lol

now this is how you do commercials

nevin11575d ago

Why don't they add old school players/teams like 2K does?

johny51575d ago

Baseball is a sport that's not confused about it's name!

ghostface91575d ago

If sony were smart they would have had him acting as kenny powers which would have been hilarious love that show

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