Vagrant Story Drops to $2.99 on PSN

Hardcore Gamer: If you're not completely spent from this week's Japanese game sale on PSN, you may want to fork over three more dollars to snatch a copy of Vagrant Story.

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ValKilmer1481d ago

A steal for one of the best RPG's of the PlayStation era.

imt5581481d ago

Indeed! One of the best RPG's on PS1.

Septic1481d ago

If you have a VITA, buy this now! It is an absolute gem.

leahcim1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

this is one of the best and clever game of all times my friends.

oh that music...
oh that story
that combat
that ambient!

JackOfAllBlades1481d ago

Why do they do this?! Deals too good to pass up.. It's why I have a ton of steam games I've never played.....




maniacmayhem1481d ago

This is a steal! If anyone hasn't played this do yourself a favor and get this game.

finito821481d ago

yea thats a good bargain

SSJBen1481d ago

It's one of those games that actually went under the radar and in fact it was a testament to the ability of SquareSoft back then. Great game indeed.

MeteorPanda1481d ago

l dream of a world where vagrant story has been remastered for ps4. damn l loved the shit out of that game.

on_line_forever1481d ago

i love this game so much

i hope they remake this game in the current generation

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