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Vagrant Story Drops to $2.99 on PSN

Hardcore Gamer: If you're not completely spent from this week's Japanese game sale on PSN, you may want to fork over three more dollars to snatch a copy of Vagrant Story. (PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Vagrant Story)

ValKilmer  +   92d ago
A steal for one of the best RPG's of the PlayStation era.
imt558  +   92d ago
Indeed! One of the best RPG's on PS1.
Septic  +   92d ago
If you have a VITA, buy this now! It is an absolute gem.
leahcim  +   91d ago
this is one of the best and clever game of all times my friends.

oh that music...
oh that story
that combat
that ambient!
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Rowdius_Maximus  +   92d ago
Why do they do this?! Deals too good to pass up.. It's why I have a ton of steam games I've never played.....



maniacmayhem  +   92d ago
This is a steal! If anyone hasn't played this do yourself a favor and get this game.
finito82  +   92d ago
yea thats a good bargain
SSJBen  +   92d ago
It's one of those games that actually went under the radar and in fact it was a testament to the ability of SquareSoft back then. Great game indeed.
MeteorPanda  +   92d ago
l dream of a world where vagrant story has been remastered for ps4. damn l loved the shit out of that game.
genius  +   92d ago
i love this game so much

i hope they remake this game in the current generation
nidhogg  +   92d ago
love this game! :)
Inception  +   92d ago
Already bought it a couple years ago. I finished it on my PS3 and now i'm playing new game+ on my vita.
KinjoTakemura  +   92d ago
I've replayed Vagrant Story at least 20 times. It has the right blend of quests, puzzles, upgrades, and customization. Definitely a classic. A ps4 version should be seriously considered.
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