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"So it’s come to this. The Simpsons Tapped Out was a huge hit, and Fox have decided to double dip, bringing the idea to another of their hit animated shows. Family Guy The Quest for Stuff begins when Peter Griffin, hopeless sap and generally terrible person, accidentally burns down the city of Quahog while fighting with a giant chicken. It’s up to you to rebuild it, but not without helping Bonnie dance on a stripper pole, Quagmire release a certain type of farmyard animal from a bottle and Chris masturbate. Get to it!"

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parentoftheyear1661d ago

I think this game is seriously terrible. I do play it. Just not often, and i think that is the problem. There is absolutely no game play. You just click and wait hours. Repeat. I am sure it will get better as i venture further into Quahog, but have been playing for 4 days, and pretty much the same. Click and wait.