Gameloft Announces Upcoming Titles for 2014 and Shares Minor Details of ‘Modern Combat 5′

In a report that covers the first-quarter sales of 2014, Gameloft has shared it’s upcoming game titles that will continue their growth from previous years. Let’s forget about the numbers and talk about the games.

Of the titles announced, there has yet to be any details about each game except for what remains if you scour the web. The titles listed include Dungeon Gems, Modern Combat 5: Blackout, Rival Knicks, Ice Age Adventures, Cars and Asphalt Overdrive.

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Spurg1694d ago one care tho

GameMob1694d ago

Lots of people care. Gameloft make over 56 million is sales within their 1st quarter...that means something.

crusf1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Why did you comment then and bother to click on the article. If you really don't give a crap you wouldn't be bothered to waste yours and everybody else's time by stating the fact.

nidhogg1694d ago

MODERN COMBAT OH SHIEEEETTTTTT... pea-shooter for kids! auto-aim ftw.

DeadlyFire1693d ago

I wouldn't be to surprised to see Gameloft expand its development to the PC platform at some point.

Pillsbury11692d ago

This freaking FPS better have ios controller support.

Pinkdolphinyfg1692d ago

Lmao its as if Gameloft felt the need to fire back at the recent Call of duty reveal with Modern Combat 5 details.

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