Watch Dog Will Be PS4′s First Pre-Download Title, Gold Edition Announced

MP1st - With the PlayStation 4 firmware update 1.7 just around the corner, Sony is announcing that those who’ve pre-ordered Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs will be able to pre-download it before the game launches on May 27.

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NYC_Gamer1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I hope the pre load option is available for every release going forward..I'll go 100% digital on current gen consoles.

ZodTheRipper1691d ago

Big agree, I went full digital with PS4 and this news is more than great. Also, I've taken a day off for the release of Watch Dogs so I'm all set now :)

Summons751691d ago

I'd agree if digital prices weren't so high, they should be 10/15 bucks off because they're digital...most stores do day 1 sales so you can get them 10/15 off day one in stores

curtis921691d ago

Technically they're $5 cheaper in the US since you don't pay tax :)

Ace Killa 081691d ago

That's where I'm debating on using this pre-download. I have a few games I want to trade in and Gamestop has a %40 trade in towards watch dogs. I rather use that and get half off or more. But I do like the idea of digital download and not swapping out the media disc and having it ready come 12:01 AM. If the game was $50 dollars then I'd buy it and invest in another future game like destiny.

And please refrain back any gamestop comments, that's not the point of this comments.

roland821691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

What stores offer $15 off?

TFJWM1691d ago

@Roland Best Buy has 10 GC back if you preorder. If you are an unlocked member you get another 20%, im stuck getting all my games at best buy cause of that 20%

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pwnsause_returns1691d ago

idk why people will disagree with you. its good to have options just as long as people know the positives and negatives on the options they are taking instead of forcing you with only one option.

Software_Lover1691d ago

I have to go digital as my PS4 is used for entertainment in a recording studio. I just can't have people walking off with games. I learned that with my xbox360.

I can't wait to add the XBone to the collection.

medman1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

So you're concerned with people walking away with games but not with those same people walking away with your shiny new console?

Abdou0231691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

What are the approximate sizes of the games ?

KwietStorm1691d ago

It depends on the game. Could be anywhere from 2 gigs to 50 gigs.

KwietStorm1691d ago

Why wouldn't it be? It's a system feature

serratos271691d ago

Yes would be awesome to be able to play whenever you hop on!

Farsendor11691d ago

still a bit odd that season passers get early access to dlc.

TheGreatAndPowerful1691d ago

So no pre-download for MLB The Show?

medman1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I'll be alot more interested in digital versions when the digital edition starts costing considerably less than the physical copy. There is no sense whatsoever in the digital version costing the same amount of dollars. No box, no printing of blu ray disc, no shipping costs, yet no price cut? Something smells fishy. Methinks me smells a bit of the ol' greed. Additionally, when a game I purchase (black ops 2) is a stinker, I return it quickly and recoup almost all my money. I can't exactly do that with a digital edition.

mike32UK1691d ago

Servers costs a lot of money

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-Foxtrot1691d ago

You get to play as T-Bone....nice

barb_wire1691d ago

How big of a download is that going be?

KwietStorm1691d ago

Don't know don't care. Just gonna download.

Tru_Blu1691d ago

I'd guess 25-35GB range

air11691d ago

Nice! Sorry but all I have is a xb1 for now, will they do that for my console too? I'm all digital this gen..

Rickgrimes951691d ago

Download size doesn't matter if it's pre loading you can play at midnight that's all I want

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