Child of Light Playstation Pre-Order Issue

If you pre-ordered 'Child of Light' on your Playstation 3 system instead of on your Xbox then you might have been throwing your controller at your T.V. the last 14 hours. Currently, half of the Playstation population that pre-ordered 'Child of Light' is unable to download it. Want to know when you can play it if you are one of the unlucky few? Well, we have your answer over at if you want to stop throwing that controller for a minute.

Edit: Playstation has now updated their store so all known PS3 downloaded issues are now resolved.

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PeaSFor1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

what? take this blog with a 24tons grain of salt.

i preordered it on ps4, was able to download last night andplay it flawlessly, tons of peoples on reddit also did the same thing(download it early last night) and are able to play it without a problem.

admiralvic1687d ago

"what? take this blog with a 24tons grain of salt. "

Yes, but for a different reason. While I can't comment on people getting the game earlier, the purposed "issue" and solution is just that the store hasn't updated yet. If you've been using the PSN for really any period of time, you would know this is just how they typically do things. Sure, it isn't the best system, but it's also far from unique / special or even something worth calling an issue.

endlesscrowd1687d ago

Some people where just lucky with being able to download it early I assume.

endlesscrowd1687d ago

You're very lucky. Google "can't download child of light preorder" because i am one of the people that had an issue, hence me contacting Sony. There are a lot of people with this issue. Out of two of my friends that preordered it one was able to play it and the other was not able to.

PeaSFor1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

peoples on reddit would be screaming if it was the case, but i have yet to see some peoples complaining about it other than you.(im not saying you dont have an issue with your preorder...but the majority of peoples dont.)

endlesscrowd1687d ago

as my article stated it was for Playstation 3. Not for PS4 or Xbox one. It sucks it happened but it did.

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wastedcells1687d ago

I downloaded it fine on PS4? Is this article fake? Or old.

endlesscrowd1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

No, It's not fake. I contacted Sony, they are aware that some of their Pre-orders are having an issue.

ToxicSushi1686d ago

Wastedcells: Read the article! Affects PS3 not PS4 users.

wastedcells1685d ago

My bad lol. Glad it's been resolved.