[ABG] Apsis - Fly Your Flock Home Over Beautiful Hand Painted Backdrops

Apsis is a beautiful looking game where you guide a flock of birds through a world where earth, sky and stars are woven together.

You’ll start off with one bird and slowly gather your flock, picking up stray birds along the way. It’s not plain sailing as sharp rocks, high winds, and predators all threaten to scatter your flock into the wind, but the beautiful acoustic soundtrack and strong visuals will soothe your woes.

There are no guns, no violence, no time limits, just awe and wonder in a beautifully crafted, hand painted world. It promises to be a truly unique experience and one that may prove that birds are not just for novelty throwaway casual games. For the Beta testing, Android tablet is preferred, but Apsis will also release on Windows, Mac, Linux, so they’ll likely be doing some testing on them too.

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