How Microsoft Is Taking Netflix Head On

It all started with Time Warner's (TWX) HBO doing original series, with shows like Sex & the City and The Sopranos. But now, as Netflix (NFLX) takes the original content race into the 21st century, everyone, including Microsoft (MSFT), wants in on the act.

Microsoft announced Xbox Entertainment Studios will be unveiling a ton of original programming set to hit the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and other Microsoft devices (Microsoft Surface, Windows Phones?), starting in June. The programming includes a multitude of different genres, such as documentaries, sci-fi, comedy and much more. There are 12 different projects, with some already in production, while others are still in development. Perhaps the most notable is a television series on Halo, Microsoft's hit video game, to be produced by movie director Ridley Scott. Microsoft noted that this project is separate from the one Steve Spielberg is working on, adding Spielberg will "executive produce the live-action TV series, created in partner...

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JoGam1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Stop it. Enough! Just let it go.

Anon19741693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Let what go? You don't think that Microsoft spending to go head 2 head with the largest original streaming services available, utilizing every Xbox Live account out there as a trojan horse to deliver gaming related original programming..via game consoles, is newsworthy to gamers or a topic of discussion?

Frankly, I think this is awesome. Being a fan of Halo alone I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of sci-fi awesomeness the live action series has in store for us. Without a doubt this is a feather in the cap for the Xbox One, and for Microsoft's paid XBL service. And the off-shoot is this will most likely cause Netflix to up their game, maybe even delving into game-centric original content as well. Certainly they can use a little competition to keep them on their toes.

At the end of the day, if the shows are good, Microsoft will no doubt move a few more Xbox One consoles, and the more Xbox One units in people's homes, the more developers are going to invest resources into making games for those platforms.

I don't see a negative side to this at all from a gamer's perspective. Hell, if they're successful here, maybe Sony will step up to the plate with some original video content for PSN as well (and not gaming related reality shows). I'm glad Netflix is getting more competition!

Mikelarry1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

"maybe Sony will step up to the plate with some original video content for PSN as well (and not gaming related reality shows). I'm glad Netflix is getting more competition!"

I am sure Sony also touched on that subject briefly at thier last E3 event. And also agree with your last statement with serious competition it would force Netflix offer even better option's

JoGam1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

sony is already doing orignal content. They are already working on it too.

Anon19741693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

No, I mean good original content. :)

Actually, I guess that "Powers" series sounds like it could have some promise. All I've seen from Sony for original PSN programming was "The Tester".

Well, and Qore. I admit, I kinda miss Qore. I had Qore even before PS+ existed.

mcstorm1693d ago

@darkride66 your spot on. For me living in the UK we need more company's like Love film and Netflix to take on Sky so adding Microsoft into this is a plus for me. If Microsoft can look to build this service in with the music and Xbox live it is a big plus for me. I use Xbox music on my phone, Tablet and Xbox one and love the service. What I am hearing from Xbox originals it sounds good so far and again its part of Microsoft moving its media side out of the dark ages and looking at giving Microsoft other ways of revenue as well as Windows and Office.

Look forward to seeing more of what this will offer us.

fei-hung1693d ago


Sony Television has created tons of original content on its own or through partnership:

Days of our Lives
robot chicken
wheel of fortune
the bondooks
king of queens
rules of engagement
ripleys believe it or not
the real ghostbusters
slimer and the real ghostbusters
walker texas ranger
steve harvey show
the dating game
newlywed game
just shoot me
dawsons creek
jumanji the series
the extreme ghostbusters
jackie chan adventures
max steel
spiderman animated series
breaking bad
happy endings
starsky and hutch
hart 2 hart
tj hooker
charlies angels

...and the list literally goes on and on.

The difference is the content Sony creates through its many subsidiaries or through its major studios go out on pretty much all platforms. Microsoft will not be sharing their created content.

Anon19741693d ago

@fei-hung. That's not what we're talking bout here at all. Of course Sony has created great television, movies an music over the years. No one is saying differently. But when it comes to original series meant for streaming on their digital's a completely different, isn't it now?

So far (with the exception of recently announced programming) Sony's commitment to providing and spending money on original content for their digital service has been pretty much zilch. You can't argue otherwise. The television market isn't the online streaming market. They're completely different beasts, which is why it's making news that services like Netflix are producing original, hit shows, and why Sony, Amazon and Microsoft throwing their hats in the ring matter.

fei-hung1693d ago



I dont care as long as SKY gets a big kick in the ass.

My only issue is we will have this thing where lots of great content will be shared across various subscription models meaning to get the best content, one will have to subscribe to a bunch of different models, which is a pain in the ass financially.

Thehyph1693d ago

The millions will cancel their Netflix accounts when this content launches!


Why does everything have to be a competition? It's more like these services compliment each other in the competition against cable companies.

MysticStrummer1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

"maybe Sony will step up to the plate with some original video content for PSN as well"

As a gamer I sure hope not. I want that money spent on games.

Having said that, I don't see where this "taking on Netflix" thing comes from. All the different services and/or cable channels that offer original programming are taking on the networks, and it's working because traditional TV is dying a slow death.

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BX811693d ago

@ jogam

You said Sony is already doing original content? Should they just let it go as well? The Xb1 was designed to do multiple things very well. You better get use to it!

badz1491693d ago

so..I guess...good luck?

gaming related/oriented/spin-off tv shows aren't really something that too many people are interested in. they usually make money because they are games and sold as games but when it comes to the cinema or tv, they just don't have the massive appeal lots of tv shows have which are watched all around the world and Netflix have lots of those.

I'm not trying to be negative here but if MS have the money to do it, and I think they do, I would like to see they go into this tv thing and start making something worthwhile, not just as fillers so they can say "we have original tv series too"! would love to see what they come up with but please, just please, don't EVER says something like taking on Netflix as it kinda looks unrealistic and STUPID all at the same time. no one in their sane mind would think that people would ditch popular tv series for gaming related tv series.

Hellsvacancy1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

I dunno why anyone even uses Netflix, I can't speak for outside the UK but here Netflix is a waste of time, a 30 day free trial is enough to say "i've watched Netflix"

Same for LoveFilm or Amazon Instant whatever it's called now, just not enough content for my needs, always the same old stuff

Like I said, the UK version sucks

JOEgolferG1693d ago

I like Netflix it's worth £5 a month where as Amazon/Love film isn't!

mkis0071693d ago

whole series like family guy futurama, star trek, psyche, supernatural...etc... worth it to me... $8 a month is a steal.

All commercial free.

lonelyplayer1693d ago

Get so you can have access to a lot of content :)

JeffGUNZ1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

I live in the USA, I dropped cable and only have Netflix and it was the best move I did. You truly see how many filler BS channels are out there that you never use in cable. I was using DirecTV and only used about 15 channels out of a 1000 and was paying close to $80 a month. I dropped it and the only thing I miss now is the NFL Sunday ticket and watching the New York Rangers (NHL). Now, I either go to a local bar on Sundays for NFL and I stream all my hockey games on my tablet and only pay $8 per month for Netflix.

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hazard17remedy1693d ago

I love Netflix. It has great shows, like American Horror Story, Hemlock Grove (AMAZING), Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, Friends and now we have From Dusk Till Dawn, that is getting more and more legendary. Also, there's some awesome movies. The only complain i have it's that AHS and Supernatural needs new seasons.

If Microsoft can do things with the same qualities that Netflix has, i'm in, for sure.

Deadpool1011693d ago

Hold on a sec, when this story broke...

...were there loads of articles on N4G claiming Sony were taking on Netflix? Just curious.

Anon19741693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

You're asking if, when it leaked Sony was developing one new original animated show for PSN if people said they were taking on Netflix? they did not say they were taking on Netflix with that one show.

Were there articles here saying Sony was taking on Netflix when they launched their video streaming service in general, you bet your ass there were.

Deadpool1011693d ago

Lol no I figured not with the one show but when they announced they were looking to make original programming in general. Though im glad to see the was at least one article (thanks for linking it btw) their just seems to be so much vitriol towards Microsoft doing the same thing. The whole things pointless as they arent even competing with Netflix. One is a service that provides movies, tv boxsets and original series', the other is just a few original programmes. No one is gonna cancel their subscription to Netflix because they can now watch Major Nelson look for ET in the desert lol

Anon19741693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

"just seems to be so much vitriol towards Microsoft doing the same thing"

Just out of curiosity, where are you getting that from? In the comments, no one seems to have a problem with it, and certainly this article isn't painting it as a bad thing, or saying it's negative in any way.

Claiming there's "vitriol" towards Microsoft for daring to offer original content...where on earth are you getting from? I'm not seeing it.

As for Microsoft not competing with Netflix, that's absurd. Of course they are. Look at the marketplace. Who out there is offering original, streaming content via their online service for a price. The main company is Netflix. Now, MS is offering original, streaming content via their paid service. This couldn't be any more cut and dry. What else do you call it when two different companies put out a similar product to the same market? It's competition. Of course there are differences that set the two product offerings apart but in this the market for original, online streaming content...MS isn't offering their content in a vacuum. Of course there's other players in the market they're in competition with, the main one being Netflix.

And it's a good thing!

Charybdis1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

It already started with viva pinata tv. Microsoft has some interesting ip which can be translated to tv or even the big screen, I don't think they will limit their content only to the xb1, initially they might. In the end I believe their content will find their way to an international audience, the same way HBO content is leased to other international television channels. If Microsoft is smart they might even licence some content (after exclusive xbox period) to netflix.

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