Capy's Mysterious Xbox One Adventure Below Emerges from the Shadows

Microsoft Game Studios to the [email protected] initiative, letting Capy not only self-publish the game but also freeing the studio up to bring it to other platforms, such as Steam. Vella thinks it says much about Microsoft’s attitude.

“Microsoft catches a lot of shit – some of it deserved, some not – but they understand our goals,” he says. “They understand the goals of the game and of the company, instead of trying to shove us in a direction that would benefit them a little more and us a little less. [This is] the best-case scenario for both the project and the studio. It represents a positive shift in big publishers [and] companies understanding the way that independent developers develop games.”

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redcar1211661d ago

Well done ms keeep it up

incendy351660d ago

Capy is too awesome. Can't wait for Below and Super Time Force. Very nice to see them and Microsoft in a good relationship.

Clogmaster1660d ago

I want a sequel to Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. Spent so many hours in that game.

ghostface91660d ago

This and super time force cant wait for them on x1 microsoft should buy them and equip them with more staff so they can keep doing their thing but even faster so more games are released.