TigerDirect and Blink Release BiggiFi Game Controller and Streaming Media Device

Amazon's recent announcement, and same-day release of the FireTV brought a new challenger in the world of streaming media/gaming devices. Now, TigerDirect has teamed up with Blink to release the BiggiFi. This device looks a bit like a Chromecast, and comes loaded with apps like Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu Plus. You can also use it to play games without a controller on your TV. Now, if you have a bluetooth pad that is compatible with your phone or tablet, it will work - so if you want Android gaming on a TV and don't have a desire to own an OUYA, GameStick, MOJO, or FireTV, then this is a way to get that done without those devices. At $80 initially, and $100 regularly, it's honestly hard to imagine this working as a real gaming substitute for either the OUYA or the FireTV.

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ValKilmer1667d ago

Wow, everyone is cashing in on the Fire. This thing is ridiculous.