Sony Trademarks "Bloodborne;" Unannounced Game Incoming?

Sony Computer Entertainment recently filed for the registration of a trademark for the word “Bloodborne” with the US Patents and Trademark Office.

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JoGam1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Keep Trademarking Sony. Do ur thang.

Hey Abriael, Do you work for Dualshockers?

JoGam1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

All the recently news on N4G I've read in the past few weeks concerning Playstation has been because of you. Lets make a deal, Can you just call me and tell me everything you know? C'mon Man? :-)

Abriael1662d ago

Haha I don't know them in advance, unless I get a press release with an embargo, which does happen, but in that case I can't talk about it :D

JoGam1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

DAMN! Worth a try. Keep doing what you do man. I look for your post on N4G now.

guyman1662d ago

I personally think dualshockers provide the most interesting pieces of information. I like the fact that they fill us in on what insiders have to say and the news on rumored unannounced games that are in development. Certainly different than any other gaming site.. i enjoy it

BlackWolf121662d ago

Cool. I enjoy all of the dualshockers articles. You guys post some of the more interesting pieces of information.

I also enjoy your articles on the 'insider' information, despite many people here complaining like little babies. It is good to have an outlet where we can get that info, I'd rather know 'insider' info than none at all.

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Christopher1662d ago

I'm the type of person that, if I was in the position, would start trademarking random game names just to keep people on their toes and watch as the various other people at Sony try and answer questions on them when they have no clue what they are.

Journo: "Shu, what can you tell us about the newly trademarked Swords of Xanthyl game?"

Shu: "Oh... yeah, that's... wait... what?"

Abriael1662d ago

I'm not too sure they don't actually do that.

BlackWolf121662d ago

Well the thing about trademarking is that you have to show you have a reason for trademarking that name.

Normally if a random guy trademarks a name, and then a company wants to use that name, they would offer a small amount of cash for ownership, if the person refuses then the company can take him to court, if he can't prove that the name is being trademarked for a reason, then they can reassign ownership of the trademark.

rainslacker1661d ago

To actually trademark there has to be an intent to use the name. You don't necessarily need the product at time of trademark. It typically takes about a year for trade marks to be approved. I assume a big company like Sony can move things along though.

To keep the trademark after it expires(10 years after registering), you have to show that you intend to keep using it within a certain time frame(not sure how long). However, you don't have to actually make a product using that trade mark after the renewal.

hellzsupernova1662d ago

So that is three games trademarked before E3. Last year The Order was trademarked just before its reveal. Are we going to get three new IP's at E3 from Sony?

That would be awesome! Plus The Getaway

Sevir1661d ago

2 actually! Destiny of Spirits and the Order was trademarked. As well as Panopticon! Which later revealed as Freedom Wars...

Dark111662d ago

I hope it's related to god of war 4!

nosferatuzodd1662d ago

Yep to all who say ps4 have no games the flood gates is officialy opened

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ScareFactor1662d ago ShowReplies(4)
Majin-vegeta1662d ago

Sounds like a fighting game to me.Or I Think I been watching too much Bloodsport movies I need to lay down.

medman1662d ago

Man, I'm hoping it's a game dealing with a viral infection outbreak of some sort. Not a zombie game, but more a global pandemic with much scavenging and horror to ensue from the straggling packs of survivors.

ZodTheRipper1662d ago

I just hope it's something fresh and original. Don't know why but the first thing that came to my mind after reading the title was a game where you play a Werewolf or Vampire. That would be some topics that aren't really used up yet. (and yes, Elder Scrolls has both but there's still lots of potential)

cluckey071661d ago

Vampire game? Sounds like something from the Blade movies to me.

bothebo1662d ago

Hoping to god one of these trademarks is for the Vita.

Delsin_Rowe1662d ago

We need more First Party games from Sony themselves and hope E3 will show plenty of Vita games, bring back old franchise (reboot or sequel) to the vita.

BlakHavoc1662d ago

I can't see Sony letting more than 1 FPS at a time develop for Vita

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