Mario Kart 8 Is One Of Amazon's Most Wished For Gaming Products

Gaming Blend "Nintendo wasn't kidding about ramping up the prestige of their product brands for this year. When they mentioned about getting serious about marketing their products, they were very serious."

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Alex_Boro1661d ago

End of May will be great times with Watch Dogs and MK8! Too bad summer months are dry af though.

diepdiep1661d ago

There will still be notable titles during summer, including Smash Bros. 3DS.

Alex_Boro1661d ago

Yeah that's about it really. I'm looking forward to the Wii U version more anyways.

3-4-51661d ago

* Mario Golf 3DS + Mario Kart 8 should keep me busy until smash brothers 3DS.

I can't wait to see all the tracks in this game.

thezeldadoth1661d ago

yeah we need another article about how microsoft ISN'T reporting sales, or an article about fan pics from infamous

Blastoise1661d ago

*shrug* they're lame too

finito821661d ago

mario is awesome thats why

higgins781661d ago

Hardly a surprise. Everything I'm seeing makes Mario Kart 8 look to be the game of the summer, the only game which will match the hype. Wii U may or may not have problems with quantity - subjective to how much spare time you have on your hands, it does NOT have a problem with quality.