Nintendo's E3 2014 Plans: Or Get Over Yourselves, Gaming Press

Phil Stortzum writes, "Today, Nintendo announced its plans for early June's E3 2014 event. Its plan of attack is to have another presence at E3 just like it did last year. Not only this, but a showing of games via a prerecorded video, a multiple day Super Smash Bros. tournament, a demo for Super Smash Bros. at Best Buy stores across the nation, and various livestreams, the one particularly of the note is the one with Nintendo Treehouse. However, this news has not really been covered so much as it has allowed many members of the gaming press to whine and moan for the sole reason that they aren't being directly catered to like they feel they deserve to be."

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NYC_Gamer1662d ago

I feel like Nintendo doesn't want to compete with Sony and MS at E3..

RPGrinder1662d ago

More like Nintendo is treating E3 the way it should be treated. Let the games speak for themselves, leave the hype, marketing fakeness behind.

Nintendo released more games in the beginning of 2014 than Sony and Microsoft combined. That is all any gamer should care about.

Activemessiah1662d ago

I think they always felt that way by releasing a sub-par console and releasing it a full year before the others to say "we are not competing" but I doubt everyone got the message :P

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1662d ago

N64 is stronger than PS1
Gamecube is stronger than PS2 somewhat on par with Xbox.

Nice try though

Activemessiah1662d ago

@OtakuDJK1NG I was referring to this generation but thanks for the history lesson.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Oh really

"I think they always felt that way by releasing a sub-par console"
" they always "

doesn't seem like you were just talking about this gen.

wonderfulmonkeyman1662d ago

If that were true, Nintendo would entirely opt out of E3, by not having any booths, not announcing any games, and not even doing a Direct.
This year they're doing everything listed above on top of using Facebook and twitter for more media and public exposure.
They're doing things differently, not abstaining from competition entirely.

AngelicIceDiamond1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

So the writer is basically saying its good Nintendo skipped another E3 so that way Nintendo can stick it it to the press.

Umm no Nintendo not attending a traditional E3 gives the press reason to hate, further.

The rest of the piece is the writer is in damage control.

"The same press that writes continuous articles on how Nintendo should go third-party? The same press that writes that company CEO Satoru Iwata needs to step down? The same press that writes how Nintendo is always behind the times? The same press that basically makes Nintendo damned if they do and damned if they don't?"

Well Nintendo isn't doing anything to shut the press up. A few events, SSM tourney and Directs isn't enough.

The press is all over MS as well. That's why MS will take this time at E3 and tell the naysayers to stick it. I don't see Nintendo doing that here.

I'm tired of these excuses and finger pointing from certain Nintendo fans and finding fault in the press for Nintendo's mistakes.

Stop it.

Phil321662d ago

First of all, Nintendo has never "skipped an E3." It had just as much a presence on the show floor than any other year last year. It simply didn't host a traditional press conference. You starting off with a falsehood doesn't really help your argument any.

Furthermore, I don't think I ever said Nintendo's mistakes were anyone's fault but its own. I said that Nintendo is right to bypass the media, who seemingly takes any positive news and somehow turns it into a negative or a narrative that Nintendo is doomed or whatever nonsense that would be regurgitated for the umpteenth time. Now, it can be considered both a good thing (Nintendo can give consumers better interaction with E3 by sharing the experience directly to them) and a bad thing (press members getting pissy, the threat of Nintendo not being covered as much). Please don't put words in my mouth.

You saying it gives the press a reason to hate... I thought the press was supposed to put their personal opinions aside when covering NEWS. Instead, many took the opportunity to share Nintendo's NEWS and turn it into an OPINION PIECE on how Nintendo is doomed or is a backwards company. It's something that has no place in a news story. An editorial, yes. But none of these articles by "journalists" were meant to be such.

Simply dismissing the entire opinion piece as "damage control" is quite disingenuous.

I'm personally tired of excuses and people defending the gaming press, which is rather laughable at best and pathetic at worst.

So why don't you "stop it" by not defending a gaming press that is no better than a group of N4G fanboys? It would do the industry so much better if news was covered as news and opinion pieces, which are perfectly fine for sharing one's grievances with Nintendo (and are deserved), are covered as opinion pieces?

randomass1711662d ago

Dang Phil. That was one slick response. Took every last word right out of my mouth. Bubble for intelligence. :)

X1PS4WiiU1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Hiroshi Yamauchi philosophy for Nintendo was to not copy others, and do your own thing. This shows.

MS and Sony will seem to inevitably knock one or the other out of the video game console business, while Nintendo chugs along being unique, and vastly different from the others.

RPGrinder1662d ago

If the first thing Nintendo shows at its digital event (not a Nintendo Direct, they were very clear), was a brand new trailer for the new Zelda. Do you think gamers will give 2 shakes about how the information was delivered? no.

The only reason why this is a story is because it is Nintendo.

JuleyJules1662d ago

The other thing is they haven't really defined what this 'Digital Event' is going to be. If it was another Nintendo Direct like last year they would have said but this sounds like it's bigger than that. Could it be a streamed event with press there so there is a reaction to what they show? Could it be longer than a traditional Direct? Time will tell.

randomass1711662d ago

The Digital Event, I think is going to be like a Direct but they may ask fans to submit questions in real time. Something along those lines, something interactive. At least that's what I would hope for.

Activemessiah1662d ago

To be honest, if Zelda is gonna be shown, pre-recorded is no way to do it justice at all... *sigh*

randomass1711662d ago

Has Nintendo historically ever presented pre-recorded footage that wasn't a tech demo of some kind? I highly doubt there's any need to worry about that. The Zelda U tech demo from the Wii U's unveiling looked really nice and that was a real time render.

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