PSLS - Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within Review (PS4)

From PSLS:

"The Force is strong with Zen Studios: having already released six Star Wars-themed pinball tables, they have now launched Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within. Featuring tables dedicated to Han Solo, Droids, Episode IV: A New Hope, and a special table dedicated to The Force itself, this is the most content-heavy DLC pack of Star Wars-themed pinball tables that we have seen from Zen Studios. Let's see if these tables are worth the $9.99 asking price."

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dbjj120881638d ago

Can't believe there's stuff to get excited about with Star Wars again.

T3mpr1x1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Yep, only this time around we get to tweet our opinions! That makes it better, right?

knifefight1637d ago

Moving the ball by using The Force would be hax.