Driveclub Trailer Confirmed in Game Running in Real Time, HQ version Coming; No Track Editor Planned

After the reveal of the new Driveclub trailer many wondered if it was actual in-game footage running in real time, and the newly appointed game director Paul Rustchynsky decided to shed some light on the issue, also promising a high quality version soon and more.

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lifeisgamesok1687d ago

In replay mode it's cool. We have to see how many cars are on the track

Anyone know the amount?

October seems so far away seeing how this was supposed to be ready at launch

Abriael1687d ago

I don't *think* the final number has ever been mentioned, but I may be wrong.

GribbleGrunger1687d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

It's either 12 or 18. I'm trying to find the link now.

Edit: It's 12, unless that has changed.

Oh great, I actually searched for information for a troll.

Abriael1686d ago

I remember something like that (12 I think) but also that it wasn't final?

It's been ages lol.

thorstein1686d ago

I love how SONY had to add "Footage captured from a PS4" because there are so many morons on the internet that they can't figure it out unless someone bonks them on the head with it instead of having it confirmed in an article or interview.

nix1686d ago

wow... you two. give me some bubbles.

MegaRay1686d ago

They have cloud of bubbles. So thats the cloud powa everyone is talking about...

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GarrusVakarian1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Nice stealth trolling. You don't own a PS4, you won't be playing Driveclub, so the fact it's launching in October doesn't affect you, nor do you really care about how many cars are on the track at once. Why exactly are you here? I know Driveclub makes you guys jealous, but try to stay out of articles of games you won't be buying on systems you will never own.

On topic: It's great to know those visuals were in-game and real-time, the car models looked excellent, as did the environments/vistas. It's definitely shaping up to the best looking next-gen racer along with Project Cars. I'm not too worried about there being no track editor though, i don't ever use those in games that feature them.

Hopefully Gamersyde has the direct-feed footage up soon. I can't wait to play it for myself though, it's just what ive been waiting for. A social, fast paced, fun, 'Simcade' racer. Awesome.


Lol, yeah, you did. He doesn't care about this game, at all. He's simultaneously downplaying it while pretending to be genuinely curios about certain things. Classic stealth troll.

Abriael1686d ago

Oh, did I fall for a troll?

I really don't sleep enough.

Funnily enough neither the US and the European Sony press sites have a high quality version of the trailer yet.

GribbleGrunger1686d ago

I'm absolutely certain it will have a photo mode. Trust me on this! So get ready for some juicy car porn when it launches.

AceBlazer131686d ago

Lol no need to point it out Lukas the disagrees with his comment says enough.You pointing him out makes you look crazy to those unfamiliar with certain users on here.

Anyhow can't wait for this game, alot of PS4 owners had this pegged as their launch title I wonder if the hype is still there for it?

GarrusVakarian1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )


I know, lol. I just can't comprehend why people troll games they will never play. Maybe it's some sort of attempt to rid the jealousy they feel for it by trolling/downplaying it?

To answer the second part of your comment, my hype never left. Once i see something that i know i will like, i will be excited for it until it is released. Dat Driveclub dedication hype.

Bathyj1686d ago

It was a complisult. When you simultaneously compliment something while insulting it.

I invented it.

Ha, that was an explainobrag.

johndoe112111686d ago

@ bathyj

LOL you're on a roll.

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OrangePowerz1686d ago

It could be worse, they could have launched it in November with downgraded graphics and pre-backed lighting.

AndrewLB1686d ago

Funny how he talks about the terrible youtube quality yet this trailer, also on youtube, from almost a year ago looks FAR better.

I'm talking about the actual driving portion, not the pre-rendered kinematics that the PS4 was running that were then captured to use in the trailer.

You PS4 fans were so good at picking apart similar discrepancies when it came to Forza, but seem completely oblivious to them now. At least try and be objective here. The game has been dumbed down.

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saggyscrote1686d ago

Unbelievable. Droooooools

OrangePowerz1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Trailer looked nice, very good dynamic lighting and environments and it looks like there is lots going on besides the track. And that timelaps with the clouds shifting and moving looks stunning.

DoomeDx1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Looks great! Cars look even more detailed then Gran Turismo 6 which already looked pretty much spot on.

Hopefully it plays great too!

CARROT1809941686d ago

Damn, that day/night cycle with the clouds looked unbelieveable, dont care about a track editor, dont ever use them, hopefully its 60 fps, shame that it coming in october and not june/july with all the games coming out then, at least ii can try the plus edition first.

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