Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!! U.S. Release Confirmed, Detailed

Hardcore Gamer: The fully feminine EXAMU/ARC SYSTEM WORKS game features copious combo creations, panoramic pics, beautifully detailed backgrounds, and 23 adorable combatants.

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ValKilmer1365d ago

Because four exclamation points weren't enough!!!!!

DCfan1365d ago

How is the Arcana Heart series??
Heard of Arcana Heart but wasn't interested back then.

EmptySkyForm1365d ago

it's a really awesome fast paced game. I freaking love it.

DCfan1365d ago

Arcana Heart on PS2 is good enough for starters, right?

EmptySkyForm1364d ago

I would say start with 3. There has been a lot of changes to the mechanics for the better.

kagon011365d ago

Is it gonna be released retail(physical) or just digital only like the previous one?

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