Is Nintendo the only company doing E3 right this year?

Today on Friends List, News Editor Brian Crecente and Editor-in-Chief Chris Grant ask: Is Nintendo the only company doing E3 right this year?

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Neonridr1690d ago

Maybe, who knows. I guess once we see what MS, Sony and Nintendo actually do come E3 we can make a fair judgement. Right now we are just guessing at what everyone is going to do. Although Nintendo's does sound interesting.

ritsuka6661690d ago

Let's be rational here. There'll be no difference for any gamer that's watching the conferences online, so why do people care about this shit?

Neonridr1690d ago

you bring up a good point. I mean many people blast Nintendo because they won't have a traditional stage show and opt for an online demonstration instead. Yet these same people aren't in attendance at E3 so they end up watching MS and Sony's events online anyways. So if Nintendo only does an online event, really in the end what difference does it make?

McScroggz1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

E3 is about exposure. Mainstream media attention. To us gamers, it doesn't really matter how we get the info (though most would admit the flashy, widely shown press events are more exciting); but it's incorrect to assert there is no meaningful impact to be gained by doing a "traditional" press event versus an Nintendo Direct E3 edition.

In my opinion Nintendo is being too cute for their own good here. It doesn't help get the word out about the Wii U to those who are on the fence or don't know about the console to go the route they are going.

The Smash Bros. tournament is awesome though.

videgamenext11690d ago

This is exposing there product not just to Nintendo fans but to others as well. They are bringing thier biggest game of 2014 to bestbuy across America for everyone to play months before it's out. That's how you build momentum and hype.

gaffyh1690d ago

@title - No. They are the only ones doing things wrong. Part of the appeal of the live conferences is to see how well a game performs LIVE. In a recorded video you can't see that so it will always be perfect. Also E3 is the one time of year that mainstream media pay attention, if you're not even there, then you've already failed.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1690d ago


E3 is about GAMES and should be GAMING.

Why do you think E3 2012 was terrible.

mikeslemonade1690d ago

Nintendo has had crappy E3s since 2006. This year will be no different. They will honor the casual gamer first and give sloppy seconds to the rest.

Ck1x1690d ago

For some odd reason people like to see if other people are excited before they determine how they feel themselves about what they just saw or heard! This is why many are riding Nintendo about not doing a live conference. What these guys failed to mention was the fact that Nintendo can definitely excite with a Nintendo Direct, because they did so in January 2013. What made the e3 2013 so lackluster, was the fact that it wasn't as over the top as that January Nintendo Direct was. To be honest the recent SmashBros Direct is the only presentation that Nintendo has had that's been on the level of the January 2013 Direct...

Nevers0ft1690d ago

Other than shifting the presentation to an online one you could argue they're doing more than other companies... Online presentation(s), massive floor presence at E3, the Treehouse "stuff, Smash Bros competition AND a Best Buy tour.

... Yet some people paint this as somehow doing less?

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fonger081690d ago

I just hope the big 3 give us more hope this new gen outside of remakes, reboots, and sequels. I'm sure we'll see some new IPs, I'm justing hoping they went be too far out in terms of a release.

Neonridr1690d ago

TLOU Remasterd, Halo 2 Remastered, Nintendo may have some older game remastered. Unfortunately this seems to be the way to fill in some gaps in the release schedule.

Really hope Nintendo shows off a new IP or a long forgotten franchise (Metroid, F-Zero, Star Fox)

fonger081690d ago

Oh I get it, and it's smart for them to fill in the gaps between new(er) releases to avoid the infamous, "system xyz has no games" tagline. I'm just kind of looking off in future for this year... and seems kind of barren outside of hand full of titles.

I could honestly seem them pulling out 2 of those 3 this E3. I'd really like to see Nintendo take a stab at heavy presenation/story game a la TLOU, Uncharted, or Metal Gear.

3-4-51690d ago

Because Nintendo is doing things differently, it will be talked about just as much, so they get the same exposure either way.

News travels fast, and there are hundreds of sites covering this.

* How many people are actually going to E3 ? Exactly.

Ck1x1690d ago

This is what I agree with! Mostly none of us will have the chance to go to E3 anytime soon, so I for one welcome the change. I think if anything Nintendo needs to be more aggressive with this local e3 experience! Why not put out some advertising and also let WiiU owners at home have the option to play some of these e3 demo's as well.

thehobbyist1690d ago

Exactly, it's streamed so everyone can see it and Smash Bros will be at Best Buy so anyone(In the US) will be able to play it. Meanwhile Sony and Microsoft only get a handful of press members to play their games and talk about them.
Meanwhile, Nintendo will have THOUSANDS of people talking about their games.
And instead of having their fans sit at home and watch the E3 stream, they can be at Best Buy, waiting to play a game that the people around them are just as excited to try out.
THAT is how you generate hype. People on facebook and gaming forums discussing E3 only goes so far. But when you're in a line, talking to a stranger getting to know them a little, then you play a segment of an upcoming game with that stranger. That's something special.

Activemessiah1690d ago

Holy crap, I was about to click on the link until I saw it's Polygon... that was close.

Alex_Boro1690d ago

Nintendo needs hype and without live reactions and every thing hype will be hard to generate.

TripC501690d ago

Live reactions are cool I guess but the press conferences Microsoft and Sony have are always rife with awkward moments, filler, and lame celebrity appearances. I like Nintendo's approach.

Alex_Boro1690d ago

It makes no room for mistakes or anything I know but ruins all the excitement.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

When did Sony ever have celebrity appearances ? That's ms. I personally love traditional E3. I like to see the live reactions, the developers talking on stage, the interviews, etc. I like the crowds the atmosphere and all that. That's something that makes E3 so awesome. And that's why I'm glad Sony and MS are continuing the tradition and aren't afraid to get up there and show what they have in store. Last years Nintendo Direct thing they did wasn't rememberable because of Sony and MS way over shadowed them with their conferences. This year will be the same.

Ck1x1690d ago

It's so sad that Nintendo didn't even have a live press conference and the best thing about e3 2013 was 3rd party games! If Nintendo does things right this time by having multiple streaming partners and the SmashBros tournament is a hit. There will be plenty of buzz about Nintendo after e3! I would like to see a custom Smash controller announced with the WiiU version, for the hard core fighting fans.

Alex_Boro1690d ago

The Smash tourny will be overshadowed by everything else. If I was attending E3 that would be cool though. Good thing I can try out smash 4 at best buy during E3.

Zero-One1689d ago

Where the heck were you last year? Living under a rock? They had plenty of 'hype' and as far as the recent 'direct' had shown, they still do!

wonderfulmonkeyman1690d ago

Well, they're doing things differently than last year, in that they are going to be using Twitter and Facebook liberally on top of their digital show, unlike last year where they only did the Direct.
It's not the only right way, not by a long shot, but compared to last year, it's definitely not the wrong way...

BattleN1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

They will improve in time and it's looking better this year, so hopefully this time doesn't dissapoint much!

wonderfulmonkeyman1690d ago

I don't think they CAN disappoint this time, what with the Smash tourney being sponsored and them giving us, THE PUBLIC WHO CAN'T ATTEND EITHER E3 OR THE TOURNAMENT, the chance to play Smash U early at Best Buy's everywhere.

Shad0wRunner1690d ago

No, Nintendo isnt doing ANYTHING right. Sony and Microsoft have E3 in the bag, tho.

thehobbyist1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

You're completely right. Opting for their own streams so they aren't confined to an hour on the E3 stage isn't right. Nor is having a streamed Smash Bros Tournament with 16 pro players in it. Nope, and putting Smash Bros demos in Best Buys while Sony and Microsoft will just have you watch their E3 demo's wishing you could play.
But Sony and Microsoft, who currently have no hype going for their E3 presentations that will be limited to one hour each will clearly come out on top. Because if there's one thing gamers like, is a company offering the chance to play the game only to members of the press. While they sit at home and watch someone else play the new games.
You should replace Nintendo's marketing team. You clearly got it all figured out.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1690d ago

jealous because Nintendo fans get to see more content and play demos of future games as well as comment on live stream and ask question directly to Nintendo unlike you Sony and Microsoft.

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