Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm is checkers to League of Legends’, Dota 2′s chess

If LoL and Dota 2 are chess, Heroes of the Storm, then, is checkers. And while I appreciate the complexity of chess, sometimes I want to turn my brain off a bit and scream, “King me!” A lot of MOBA purists are going to hate Heroes of the Storm and the liberties it takes with tradition, but it has a chance to attract a different, easier-going audience.

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ColManischewitz1663d ago

I might actually check out Heroes of the Storm. I haven't cared for other MOBAs. But I do like the simpler approach.

3-4-51663d ago

* The games should be shorter

* More interesting characters I ACTUALLY care about or have heard of. ( Nostalgia factor)

* That Blizzard Quality

* Sound should be amazing, with all the familiar sound fx & Music.

* Art Style is Blizzard & appealing to look at.

* Different Maps, so the gameplay doesn't become so stale. Helps keep things fresh.

* Different gameplay rules and conditions on different maps. - Once again, helps keeps things fresh.

* Finally a somewhat different MOBA that actually tries to move the genre in a different direction.

3-4-51663d ago

It's similar to the Guardians of Middle Earth Game that I played on Xbox live & it was awesome even though I'm not into LotR.

* The way the characters used abilities and how you could use them was more interesting, and the pace was slightly quicker, kind of like this game.

Sadie21001663d ago

Kinda like how Heartstone is an easier, more accessible card game. Blizzard may be figuring out how to reach an almost mass market.

deantak1663d ago

i suspect it is a little harder than checkers.

jazmac1663d ago

That title has so many grammatical errors.

Tsuru1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I feel like the writer left out a lot of the strategic elements of Heroes of the Storm. Just because the game leaves out some elements common in MOBA's it does add elements of team work that the other games do not have. While the game could be compared to chess/checkers in the way items work. The team work and strategies added in HotS are greater.

jazmac1663d ago

What team work and strategies exactly are added in HotS over Dota2/LoL? Some specifics please.

Just for my curiosity how many blizzard games have you played and how many hours have you put into them?

Tsuru1663d ago

diablo, 1 or 2 hours
diablo 2, eh, to long ago, cant remember
diablo 3, 70ish hours
warcraft 2, 10-15 hours
warcraft 3, mostly DOTA and custom online games, hours upon hours
world of warcraft, way too many hours
hearthstone, 40ish hours
starcraft, 20ish hours
starcraft2, 1 hour

As far as the extra team work involved in HotS. They have objectives on the map that appear randomly in 5(?) different locations on the map. The team each team must go to this location and be the first to control this area. once 3 areas are controlled for a team, that team gets a advantage of extra damage to turrets and buildings. Also while the team does earn experience for everyone at the same time, each individual will earn their own experience for the team, so the team must work together to keep each other alive else the person who is dead isnt earning exp for the team. The one point it did talk about is the extra minions on the map that you can recruit for you team. This is something that both teams will fight over.

jazmac1662d ago

The only one that seems like an addition to the game is the first point you made, the other two (shared exp and minions to recruit) are not additions but imo worse alternatives to the already existing moba formula (individual exp and junglers).

joab7771663d ago

Thanks for this post. I cant imagine they would completely dumb it down. Maybe they chose to make it more entry friendly. And now u can show ur chops by carrying a team. MOBA is very popular and Blizzard is very smart so I imagine they have good reason to go in this isnt b/c they r worried ppl abhor complexity. More ppl play MOBA's than any other genre in the world.

I have actually been waiting for someone to really mix it up, like add a sixth player that does something different. Or add another lane, or dynamic changes to the map that require fast reaction.

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