10 Video games Heroic Sacrifices

JunkExplorer: The List of the Heroic Sacrifices Goes on but here are the 10 top Heroic Sacrifices made in Video games and not only the character have to die they have to stay dead in the same game and wont be revived in some other spin off. Have a look

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MWH1689d ago

"The Soul Reaver – pure of all corruption – this is what it is for. This is what I am for – The two become one – both Soul Reavers – together – and the Scion of Balance is healed. And I – am not your enemy – not your destroyer – I am, as before, your right hand. Your sword.. And now you will see – the true enemy" - Raziel

UnHoly_One1688d ago

The fact that this isn't on the list upsets me.

viccrack1688d ago

wow nice post .. you shuldhv put kratos's death on the first place .. it wasnt that sad but it was epic ... damn that tidus is a sad creature lol

Tontus1688d ago

Ah Kratos, committing suicide to deny the corrupt Goddess Athena the power to be the one true God of all mankind was his final act of vengeance, also his death released the power of hope to mankind so that they could rebuild and thrive once again without the need for Gods.

He may have done a lot of bad/evil things on his quest for revenge and atonement but Kratos sure did go out a hero!