Nintendo includes, then removes, mention of “new Nintendo system” on E3 website

Earlier today, Nintendo launched its official website for E3 2014, and it included the mention of a "new Nintendo system".

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Concertoine1692d ago

I refuse to believe they'd be so stupid as to drop what will probably be 7-8 million install base in the grease out of the blue. I think this is something else, a trolling staff member or QOL or a new peripheral. Seriously doubt they'd screw themselves over with a new system.

admiralvic1692d ago

No doubt, since that would completely destroy Super Smash Bros U / Mario Kart 8, make their resurrection of Bayonetta 2 completely pointless and anger people who might lose games like X, SMT X FE, Hyrule Musou, etc.

If anything, this might mean a new 3DS similar to the DSi or another idea similar to the 2DS. However, since this is Nintendo, it's also entirely possible it just means a unique system design, such as the Windwaker Wii U or Pokemon 3DS's.

inveni01691d ago

This is just a meta tag for keywords. It could be referring to the WiiU, for all we know, since the WiiU is Nintendo's newest system (besides the 2DS).

If there was a name, THAT would be something. Until then, this is pointless, and is part of a page's code to get search engines to index it for those keywords. It means nothing else.

inStereo1691d ago

inveni0 is correct - keyword-type metatags are what a lot of search engines use to generate search hit-ability for a page -- basically, it means that this particular webpage is eligible to come up as a result if someone did, say, a Google search on "New Nintendo System." It means almost nothing.

Prime1571691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I agree with the two in's above me. Meta tags are for search functions and SEO (search engine optimization): meaning they're trying to come up Google/Yahoo/etc searches.

Nintendo's target demography trends to be children. This means parents and grandparents and other non-gamers tend to buy these systems.

At gamestop, I can't tell you how many people actually said, "the new Nintendo system" rather than the name the system. They know the brand, but as non-gamers, that's about all they know.

TheNotoriousNiceGuy1691d ago

Some people still thinks the pad is a add on

Prime1571691d ago

Even after months on the market, during holiday season I still had people going, "the Wii u is a new system?"

Santos3521691d ago

Then those people arent real gamers...

DarthZoolu1691d ago

You don't have to play any one game or system in particular to be a gamer or a hardcore gamer.

-Foxtrot1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Well it could be a new model

This is kind of the reason why I'm holding off buying one untill after E3. I'm sure I can survive without playing Mario Kart 8 for a week or it sits there.....un opened.....<sigh>

Then again new model or new console (unlikely) why not show this off in front of a huge audience at E3. I mean E3 has become a little "mainstream" now, more people would be watching that then a Direct feature like last year. The majority of those watching their E3 direct will most likely already have a Wii U.

Personally I would like them to show off a re-designed pro controller in the style of their Gamecube controller...maybe they could bundle it will special versions of Smash Bros U

thehobbyist1691d ago

Yeah, it's probably just gonna be a 2DS XL

--Onilink--1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

i think it could be very likely a WiiU redesign, not really because of the size, but because it looks to similar to the Wii

They might not be able to change the name, but they can certainly try to make it look different

I dont see in any way this being a NEW console, either WiiU or 3DS redesign

iamnsuperman1691d ago

I agree, I think it is going to be a new model. Nintendo hasn't and is unlikely to sell (if we go off current trends) lots of Wii Us. This means they need to drop the manufacturing price to make the Wii U as profitable as possible and leave room for further price drops.

GordonKnight1690d ago

That's the problem the mainstream media with their pockets wide open. Nintendo doesn't like the way the media spins their message. Who could blame them? It's just like Fox & CNN when it comes to politics.

For the GameCube controller all they need is a USB port converter.

It would be cool to see release new gamepad that could play 3DS games.

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brish1691d ago

A new system might be a newer version of the Wii U.

I don't think the Wii U is going to disappear anytime soon but a new configuration with a smaller screen on the controller with a significantly reduced price could help sales of the system.

miyamoto1691d ago

Dude, calm down, its the successor to the 3DS

randomass1711691d ago

I think the 3DS still has a couple of years at least before its lifespan is up.

lilbroRx1691d ago

Its more than likely their next handheld, not next console.

jukins1691d ago

Because you can't support an older system if a new one comes out. /sarcasm.....

Concertoine1691d ago

Theyre having enough trouble supporting the wii u and 3ds as it is.

randomass1711691d ago

I highly doubt it's next generation hardware. As the other commenters have been saying, more than likely it's some sort of redesign for their current generation hardware. I personally think it's a "hardcore" Wii U with more internal space and an edgier look, probably to be bundled with Smash Bros. for Wii U at launch.

Volkama1691d ago

Would certainly cause a stir if they did come out and say "We're getting back to core gamers with this! <blap new console about 2x the power of the current contenders, complete with decent 3rd party support>.

Of course this isn't the case, but it'd be fun if it was.

rainslacker1691d ago

I'd put my money on a new portable system. Possibly set for release in a couple years.

Santos3521691d ago

Never underestimate Nintendo, they are one console away from giving us a modern day Super NES.

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NovusTerminus1691d ago

New system could be so simple as a Wii U with a build in HDD.

randomass1711691d ago

I've thought about it, and this could be exactly what it is. I reckon it could be a "hardcore" Wii U, or perhaps a redesign specifically for Smash Bros. Something that the general gamer, not the casual gamer, would want.

LOL_WUT1691d ago

I've seen Nintendo do some questionable things lately like not wanting to show up at this years E3 but this will take the cake if true. ;)

R00bot1691d ago

I agree, it's stupid. But you've always seemed like you wanted this to happen? What's with the sudden change of mind?

AKR1691d ago

"Not wanting to show up at this year's E3"

Nope. Sorry, wrong.

Nintendo has never "missed" any E3. They didn't have a traditional, on-stage press conference last year, and it doesn't seem like they won't have one this year; but that doesn't mean they're not showing up to E3. They had a strong presence last year, on the show floor, having a conference for the press where the developers talked about their titles and they got to play demos of the games featured. And let's not forget how they also brought their titles to Best Buy for the public too.

They're doing something similar again this year; except upgraded.

Just because they aren't having a press-conference, doesn't mean they're no longer attending E3. They're simply doing something different. Why? Who knows? - It's Nintendo. That's been they're motto from since the days of Yamayuchi. Regardless; considering that most of us aren't going/can't go to E3 anyway; HOW MUCH DOES IT ACTUALLY MATTER if Nintendo has a press-conference or not?

Considering the amount of cringe-worthy moments and glitches that have occurred throughout the show's history at various press-conferences; I honestly think this approach is better, and minimizes the margin for error.

randomass1711691d ago

I really don't see why you got so many disagrees. This post brought a lot of logic to the table. Not to mention Nintendo's presence on the E3 show floor has never changed, they just haven't had an hour long presentation for the public. Personally, I think having a number of Smash events and the digital event will be something fans will enjoy. You could never fill all the stuff they seem to have planned into a single hour.

Nevers0ft1691d ago

I couldn't agree more. They're still attending, they've just shifted the (usually awful) live event to an online streaming event instead. On top of that, they're still going to be on the show floor, have a Smash Bros competition in the building next door and tour the US Best Buys with demo units - without wanting to bring the wrath of N4G down on me, that seems like "more" not "less" of Nintendo around E3.

TripC501691d ago

"Not wanting to show up at E3"

LOL you're lame.

Benjaminkno1691d ago

The absence of a Nintendo press conference which is really just over-hyped showmanship, doesn't mean they weren't there. I'm not sure Nintendo needs lectured on their business practices. Sony and Microsoft have their own problems that no E3 will ever solve.

Nintendo is due to reveal a new hand-held console, which has been pretty good cake so far. So your condescension seems to bleed irony.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1691d ago

Not having a press conference =/= not going to e3

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Alex_Boro1691d ago

As much as I would love to see a new Nintendo console, I would be pissed because I just bought my Wii U in January.

kingjames181691d ago

Yeah I bought mine even sooner then that I bought mine for my wife for her birthday in March lol.

KonsoruMasuta1691d ago

I'm thinking it's a new handheld design, like they did with the DS when they made the DSI and the DSI XL.

deafdani1691d ago

But they already have 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS.

Nah, I'm thinking a new Wii U model is more likely.

randomass1711691d ago

At worst, it's a new handheld. At best, I think it's a Wii U or 2DS redesign. No way they are introducing new hardware to the market this soon, especially with how much promotion they're going to do for Smash 4.