Child of Light: Behind the development of Ubisoft’s new turn-based RPG

hild of Light began life as a folder on creative director Patrick Plourde’s computer titled “FFF2P”, or Final Fantasy Free 2 Play. Needless to say, Child of Light has come a long way since then.

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_sleeves1665d ago

"Rather than be deterred, Plourde says the doubters only made him more determined to succeed."

Great little bit from the article.

vishmarx1665d ago

awesome game playing it rnow.
perfect balance b/w being a platformer and jrpg.
best part about combat is that you level every 2-3 fights.
like 40hrs condensed to 10

Skate-AK1665d ago

A Final Fantasy Tactics would look so good if they used the Ubiart engine. They never would though.

kingdom181665d ago

Gamestop is having a trade offer for an extra 40% can't waste the chance now to get rid of some my games I don't care for. Getting a PSN card to cash in on that Golden week sale and definitely getting this, for 10 hours I hope they release some DLC for it. See when we get big developers making AAA RPGs like this they can turn out great. I really hope this sells well.

Farsendor11664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

amazing so many people doubt the turn based rpg formula when so many people ask for it.

i have 3 rules as a gamer

play everything, including every genre of gaming
own more than one platform to play games on
dont sell or buy used games.

turn based rpg are some of the best out there they usually have the best stories and publishers like ubisoft are ruining that