The Pixelitis Podcast Ep. 74 – (Video) phone home

"Skype’s video conference calls are now free for everyone and it’s literally changed the way Pixelitis did (this week’s) podcast. Being able to see each other when the staff is scattered across the U.S. and Canada is a pretty nice thing, so Pixelitis decided to cram their show with not three, but four wonderful individuals.

Hosts Andrew Martins and Patrick Kulikowski are joined by fellow staffers Karen Rivera and Stephen Hilger in a show about everything from the acquisition of From Software to the E.T. landfill in New Mexico to 90s sitcoms.

And who knows? Even though the show is still only an audio affair, maybe they’ll branch out into live discussions via Google Hangouts or Skype or something. Only time will tell.

As always, feel free to hit play below. Don’t forget to subscribe to Pixelitis on iTunes and Stitcher Radio."

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