Revenge of the Loading Screen: Why Is the Next Gen So Slow?
"I am writing this to give you my insight into how I feel the Xbox has made me feel 10 again for all the wrong reasons."

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csreynolds1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

From what I've heard and read, next-gen isn't slow; XB1 is. PS4 load times are pretty respectable considering how much information each game contains.

toddybad1570d ago

Except for the initial load time every time you turn on Metal Gear:Ground Zeros. I thought the game had broken the first time I turned it on!

Hk85karlsson1570d ago

Yeah. But the norm is not MGSGZ (thankfully).
Install times is waaay better on PS4.

Dudebro901569d ago

Both are pretty slow, but Xbox one launch games were s few seconds slower.

impet251569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Dead rising, forza and Ryse load times is horrendous. As good as those games are I lose interest and stop playing cause of it. My ps4 has a sshd so my load times are even better than the stock drive. That's why having a replaceable hdd is so important imo.

LAWSON721569d ago

Maybe I have been having to much fun with Forza to notice, either that or I am used to the very bad load times of 4.

lonelyplayer1569d ago

I don't know about the x1 but i think ps4 is fine

LAWSON721569d ago

Titanfall and Forza seem fine to me, not sure about anything else because that is all I played so far