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With its gorgeous art, exemplary combat, and hand-crafted aesthetic, no RPG fan should miss Child of Light.

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crimsonfox1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I was on the fence about buying this game. The music is good you say? Batzi you just made a sale. Ain't nothing like good music in a videogame. I remebering playing Super Mario Bros. 2 on Nintendo. Not enjoying the game as much as the first, but the music kept me in the game. Also for the record Super Mario 3 has the best mixture of both gameplay and music. Oh the art of videogame music... I just went on a mini rant...I'm sorry.

ipach1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

SMOOTH McMario Brothers 2:

JCOLE131951666d ago

Another great score... Can't wait to play this!

medman1666d ago

Good to looking forward to playing this and Transistor veerrry soon.

nix1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

wow... the reviews of this game are all over the place. i saw edge gave this game 5.5.

what a beautiful looking game. reminds me so fondly of Okami. i would have picked up this game if it wasn't turn-based RPG.

rodiabloalmeida1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Edge doesn't count as reliable anymore.

KonsoruMasuta1666d ago

The majority of the reviews are 8 and above. There are only a few bad score.

medman1666d ago

Edge needs to step back from the edge of insanity and move away from the lunatic fringe.

One-Shot1666d ago

I don't think Edge likes video games period

coolbeans1666d ago

I don't remember Edge doing .5 scores before. But in any case, they're more than welcome to express their dissatisfaction with a game, even when I'm anticipating I'll disagree with that score.

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mixelon1666d ago

I preordered this, it looks like the perfect game to play with my daughter and get her playing rpgs. :)

Thehyph1666d ago

Same here.

Except replace daughter with girlfriend.