Watch Dogs NVIDIA GeForce GTX Bundle Now Available

Nvidia is going to release a bundle with Watch Dogs, and also shown some screenshots of the game at maximum detail.

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DjKiba992d ago

This makes me mad! I just bought a 760...

lets_go_gunners992d ago

Damn it Nvidia. Amd did this too last year with bf4.

matrixman92992d ago

contact them dude...i bought mine on April 15th and they honored it. If one person says no, keep contacting them. The 2nd person said yes to me

Eyesoftheraven992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

I bought a GTX780 TI SC on 04/16/14 and got Daylight with it for free. Called Newegg up and they honored this new deal for me since it hasn't even been two weeks!

Skate-AK992d ago

Now that is some good customer service.

Eyesoftheraven992d ago

Heck yeah. Newegg rocks, I was so happy.

matrixman92992d ago

I had the same kind of thing happen, but they denied me. I even told them that I could return the item and buy it again to receive it...they said to go ahead and do that lol

matrixman92992d ago

ok, i am pretty sure I got a different customer support person to honor it. But they never actually used the words "watch dogs"..all they kept saying was "item # blah blah(whatever it is)" will be shipped to your home free of charge lol...hopefully it is it and they arent sending me another daylight code haha

Skate-AK992d ago

First and third screenshots look really good.

xKugo992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

Ow, I just bought two 780ti cards about a month ago. Damn you, NVidia.... -.-

tee_bag242992d ago

Nice..Ballin' there fella

JackOfAllBlades992d ago

Rich Bastard, on the other hand contact Nvidia and ask for a code, I know AMD helped me out with the new never settle bundles that came out shortly after buying my card

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