Why Thralled is the Future of Video Game Storytelling

J Station X writes

"When Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag launched last year I praised it and included it on my list of PS4/Xbox One launch titles to watch. It had a white protagonist but (on PlayStation) it let you play Aveline, a mixed-race woman whose mother is a slave and it introduced us to Adewale, a former slave who became Edward Kenway’s First Mate on the Jackdaw.

In AC4 slavery is undoubtedly a focus of the game, with plantations as common as the hairs on your head and slavemasters being met with the pointy end of Edward’s sword more than a handful of times, but many aspects were jarring and being told that you’d freed ‘8 out of 10 nameless slaves’ in a series of optional mini-games didn’t feel like it did the realities of slavery much justice.

There has to be a game that depicts the horror of slavery right though, gaming needs its 12 Years a Slave or its Django Unchained* and new game Thralled is set to be the story telling masterpiece to do it."

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Anthotis1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Perhaps they could make a game set in Africa where you play as a would-be slave, who escapes enslavement before even being sold to America by African slave traders, and sparks a revolution against the African slavers, which undoes the transatlantic slave trade altogether, thus changing history.

A sequel could send the protagonist to East Africa, to fight back against the Arabs who had hunreds of years prior to the transatlantic slave trade, conquered much of that part of Africa, and enslaved it's peoples.