Play Nintendo E3 2014 extravaganza is a smart move

From the article, "...Which is why Nintendo's new plans to fight the power and change things up again with Play Nintendo are so much better. They're going to do a Nintendo Digital Event at 9am PST on June 10, 2014, constantly run Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 video demos, hold a Super Smash Bros. tournament with 16 professional gamers, and have Super Smash Bros. demo stations set up at Best Buys across the United States. It's a four-pronged plan that provides exactly the right amount of coverage."

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diepdiep1693d ago

I really liked how they are going the extra mile to advertise Smash Bros. Hopefully it will pay off immensely in the end.

SpiralTear1693d ago

I like the idea of having a huge Smash tournament at E3, especially after the EVO problems back when.

I'm not entirely sure if this is still the way to go for Nintendo at E3, but the fact that they're not condensing their wares down to a single video presentation is promising to me.

WeAreLegion1693d ago

Well, the problem here is that Microsoft and Sony are paying to do these huge press conferences and Nintendo gets to do their own thing and get the same amount of media coverage. This is a smart business move from Nintendo, but if the other two follow suit, there goes E3.

Mariye1693d ago

I think E3 is about more than the press conferences. After all, a lot of new games and technologies are shown, and it's the once chance everyone in the industry gets together.