Game Gorilla - Game Trading Service Seeks Public Funding

A new game trading company called Game Gorilla wants to help you make safe trades of your games with strangers by serving as the middle man. The company is currently running an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to raise $50,000 to make the service a reality. If fully funded the company hopes to provide a service that lets users trade console games with anyone in the United States for $5 plus shipping and handling.

Consumers will be able to open an account and list the games they own for the games they want using a simple drop-down-box interface. The system's "custom algorithm takes care of the rest," according to its creators. Once a match is found and both parties accept, a prepaid envelope is sent to both parties. The games are then sent to the company's facilities where they are inspected and then shipped off to each party. The company says that shipping and handling cost will vary based on current rates.

If Game Gorilla reaches its goal of $50,000 it will create a bigger database of games beyond PS4 and Xbox One games - such as PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U titles...

"The more money we raise for this project, the better Game Gorilla will be at launch," notes the Indiegogo campaign page. "With these contributions we aim to build and improve Game Gorilla's overall design and functionality for the best possible user experience. In addition, if we meet our goal of $50,000 USD, we will be able to add an even bigger database that will not only include PS4 and Xbox One games, but Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U games as well."

If you'd like to learn more about Game Gorilla, watch the video below and then visit the project's Indiegogo project page.

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MassiveCosby1688d ago

Seems like a neat idea. Better than any of these other trading sites where you have to deal with the general public.

ThatArtGuy1687d ago

Game Trading Zone has been doing this over a decade and no fees attached.

Alex_Boro1687d ago

Leaptrade is the same thing without fees.

Acupuncture1686d ago

Leaptrade and Game Trading Zone, from what I gather, use reputation services to ensure safe trades. It looks like Game Gorilla takes the place of the general public to enable a safe trading experience. This is the exact reason why I don't use services like craigslist.

MassiveCosby1686d ago

I agree Acupuncture. The fact that you never have to worry about the general public makes that $5 fee more than worth it.