Unreal Engine 4 Elemental Demo using a HD 7970

A video which looks at the performance of the impressive Unreal Engine 4 Elemental demo running on a stock HD 7970 graphics card and i5 processor.

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tee_bag2421687d ago

I ran all these unreal demo's the other day

Having seen all these demo's running before my very eye's I'm sadly disappointed. Frostbite and Cry are much better already. Then there's Snowdrop which looks very promising.

If you really want to see something impressive have a look at Nvidia faceworks

Qrphe1686d ago

I'm so disappointed with the Elemental Demo. I ran it with my GTX 780 yet it looked worse than what Epic claimed to be running on a 680 a couple of years ago.

tee_bag2421686d ago

Yeah it really looked like a$$ with those low res textures and fake looking destruction.