Ru: We're Trying To Build Interactive Cinematics In The Order: 1886

Ru Weerasuriya, Creative Director of The Order: 1886, explains the focus and unique approach to storytelling that Ready At Dawn is trying with the game.

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mochachino1665d ago ShowReplies(2)
Bigpappy1665d ago

Not sure interactive cinema is what gamers are craving for, but I will have to judge the final product.

micx1665d ago

I want to see more of movie-like games, there's a market for them.

vlashyr1665d ago

The good thing is that we don't have to choose. There can be different types of games, systemic/sandbox games and story/themepark games.

There are so many possibilities between publishers, Kickstarters etc. today

Locknuts1665d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. Gameplay > Graphics, but I'm open to anything good.

spicelicka1665d ago

Yea I'm not a huge fan of games that are pretty much like interactive movies. Set pieces are great, appropriately places cinematics are great, but I don't want to be doing quicktime events at every corner, or having a meter of space to move in while everything around me is blowing up.

URNightmare1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I believe some people is misinterpreting this. Just picture any game's cinematics but interactive, that's what it is and it's better than just watching. Like in the last video they show where they find a weapon and while they are talking about it you can move the weapon to check it out. This is good and it doesn't mean the game will be QTE like TWD or Beyond etc. Picture Halo's cinematics but interactive where it can be interactive.

I personally like this.

Bathyj1665d ago

Whose saying theyre trying to make interactive cinema? Dont be obtuse.

Theyre saying if youre going to cinematics in your game, which just about all games do, thay want to do it in a way where youre controlling it, not just watching it, and have it blend into the natural action seamlessly so that going from action to cinematic to action again feels organic and not jarring.

Did you read the article?

Bigpappy1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I will judge the final product. But the game has my attention. I hope they pull off something special.

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BlakHavoc1665d ago

I don't get why some people are so against interactive cinema and also QTE's, I personally think it's a nice touch just as long as it's done right and doesn't represent the game play as a whole.

vlashyr1665d ago

Agreed. Resident Evil 4 had great QTEs and they contributed to gameplay in a meaningful way

lets_go_gunners1665d ago

Because being punished for missing that one x prompt is so much fun. Because it requires so much skill to press x b y a or the play station equivalents when the game tells you to. I personally hate them but whatever.

DragonbornZ1665d ago

Hmmmm. So what's your take on the way QTEs worked in Ryse? Or do you not just like QTEs at aaaaaaaaall?

iceman061665d ago

You are describing the worst and pretty basic implementations of QTE's. But, they can also be used in other ways. The best ones, IMO, are the ones that are like finishing moves...bringing you up close, personal, and very visceral. God of War does this well. You feel the power of Kratos as he rips the head of a mythological creature. It just feels right. It's not so much about the skill, as that was displayed before you got to this point. It's kind of a visual reward. It's simply the icing on an already done cake. But, to each his own I guess.

BlakHavoc1664d ago

Well with the way you described this particular use of QTE's, that doesn't sound very fun in fact it sounds utterly boring! But i've seen QTE's utilized in a more compound manner that makes the gameplay more enjoyable. I think it also heightens the intensity when your engaged in a fight, but when incorporated with real-time gameplay it creates great immersion. Were still waiting to see how RAD will use QTE's but with the commitment they've showed towards it, i'm stoked!

GameDev11665d ago

From the interviews of the Order i have seen, even this one, the QTE is meant to yield different results which i personally love

incendy351665d ago

I do love TellTale games, so I am interested in this.

GameDev11665d ago

Then you will be really interested in Quantum Break, seems its going to be flooded with interactive action with its live action tv show

candy_mafia1665d ago

I know it's not open world, so less real estate to populate, but these are the best visuals I ever seen outside of an actual movie. Wow all day...

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