Five Gaming Urban Legends That Should Be Debunked

Atari's legendary stash of buried E.T. Atari cartridges was a true story that eventually faded into the gaming landscape and became an urban legend. Lightbox Interactive and Fuel Industries has recently exhumed the New Mexican landfill containing these cartridges, but there are still plenty of urban legends for gamers to wonder about. We explore a few urban legends that should be excavated next.

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SpiralTear1687d ago

Saw the Super Mario Galaxy 2 picture and instantly knew they'd talk about the Hell Valley Sky Trees.

WeAreLegion1687d ago

I'm not going to spoil any urban legends by fact checking. I enjoy thinking about them.

incendy351687d ago

Great article, definitely worth a read. Love the 80's government spying theory. I guess times haven't changed so much

ironfist921687d ago

There should be a full documentary or web-series debunking or confirming urban gaming legends and myths

Skate-AK1687d ago

There is on Gametrailers. It is called Pop Fiction.

SovereignSnaKe1686d ago

"Iraq has been on the hunt for years for weapons of mass destruction for a long time." Um, when was that part of the article written because that was entirely bogus and the Bush Administration willfully lied about it to get their war in Iraq. That Polybius/MK Ultra experiment and the Mario Galaxy 2 Story are interesting however.

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