March Madness II Mega Ran Remix [Kuma Kreations Ent]

Kuma Wrote: I am a person that digs a lot of music, but in each genre something catches my ears and that time is now. There is this artist goes by the name Darealwordsound a.k.a Orion Pax and he decided to combine his geek persona with his Mega Rhymes. This year he came out with the fan inspired album March Madness II, which deals with the classic kid robot Megaman. This album is on fire and I thought that he could not improve it anymore, but I was wrong. Darealwordsound teamed up with legendary Rapper Random a.k.a Mega Ran to spin a new mix on his album. I kid you not, it made me want to get a controller and play some action titles while listening to the tracks, but here is a listen of Megaman ft. Random a.k.a Mega Ran.

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