DriveClub Frame Rate Reveal Happening This Week, New Gameplay Footage Incoming

"Paul Rustchynsky, director  at Evolution Studios has revealed a few interesting new details about the upcoming arcade-sim racer DriveClub. The game is releasing this October exclusively on the PlayStation 4."


Updated story with 1080p confirmation and PS+ version is still happening. Just in case if anyone thought that Evolution scrapped these two features.

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Volkama1692d ago

Probably, but please let's not make "frame rate reveal" a thing :|

Septic1692d ago

I reckon it will be 60fps. I don't see why they would make us wait for the announcement regarding the fps and then say oh its 30fps.

Volkama1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

I vote 50fps. Perfect for UK PAL TVs from about 1999.

ZodTheRipper1692d ago

After playing NFS Rivals with rock-solid 30fps I'm not that concerned about the framerate tbh ...60 would be great (especially since a lot of people are expecting it) but I would be ok with locked 30fps but much better graphics instead.

GarrusVakarian1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Damn, a reveal for the framerate? That means it might actually be 60fps....and that means im going to have to eat my socks via livestream. I previously said this game wouldn't be 60fps and that i would eat my socks if im wrong.

"Finally, he confirmed that the trailer was all in-game, captured using the console’s debug camera"

Awesome to know that was all in-game, not just "in-engine" or something similar.

NewMonday1692d ago

after the delay not hitting stable 60fps will be a disappointment.

badz1491692d ago

Resolution and fps reveal have really stepped up their game this gen they are already becoming 'a thing' LOL

I also hope it will be 60 but 30 and looking like that? I don't think I'll be complaining much!

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Angels37851692d ago

if they are having a reveal....its definitely 60fps...they'll show an astonishing trailer and say "All running at 1080p 60fps"

imt5581691d ago

I doubt it will be 60. But 30 fps is fine just like in Forza Horizon or NFS Rivals.

Farsendor11691d ago

thought 1080p was always confirmed just no the frame rate which still isn't.

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Xavy1692d ago

Damn hope its 60 FPS!!!!!!

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stuna11692d ago

I think they probably were able to hit the 60 fps mark! Which in my opinion is great and all, but truthfully wouldn't distract me from buying the game one way or another. I'm just glad a next gen racer is coming to the PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.