Is Alien Isolation Too Long?

(Zach Garvey) The Alien franchise is in a bit of a rut at the moment. There hasn’t been a great Alien film since Aliens and the last game, Aliens: Colonial Marines, the so called “true sequel” to Aliens, was one of the biggest disappointments in recent video game memory. It had boring gameplay, an awful storyline and degraded the xenomorph, the most fearsome creature in Sci-Fi horror, to being as scary as a man with a tea towel over his head, with cut out eye holes, saying “woooooooo.” Is there any way back for the once terrifying xenomorph?

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cfc781664d ago

Lets face it no way it can be as bad as Colonial Marines i literally facepalmed my way through that game from start to finish,my thoughts on Alien Isolation are its looking promising from what ive seen so far and im saying no more as i thought the same last time,i'll wait to be surprised this time but its looking good in all honesty.

hello121662d ago

Its a new genre for Creative Asssembly. I play the total war games they've released on the PC, they are usually top notch.

Actually, my opinion would be they make the best strategy games for the PC.