Why Goat Simulator Is An Example Of Why Gaming Is Great.

(Zach Garvey) The gaming industry has made massive steps in the last few decades, going through trends, political damnation and even becoming a modern day staple of people’s lives. It is an industry that everyone wants to be a part of and is still growing, evolving and expanding in many areas, one of them being the mobile games market which has exploded in the last decade due to the mass success of smart phones. The console market continues to plough through record breaking sales year on year and the current state of the industry is fragile but still ambitious, as it always has been.

The true majesty of the industry is its infinite number of possibilities in which the medium can be presented, ranging from the platform the game is on to what the game hopes to achieve, whether that be an emotional narrative hoping to tug on your heartstrings, the thrill of winning the World Cup or even just to help with your maths skills. We live in a world where video games are becoming more than just a means to pass time and some are delving deep into the realms of politics, racism, sexism and morality. Bioshock: Infinite explored those topics, aiming to make you think about the problems the world faces when things like racism and sexism are being promoted by an unfair government. Some would argue it didn’t do it very well, but that’s another story for another article, and the attempt is worth noting regardless.

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